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    VIN Number?

    Which number would be considered the VIN? 1968 M35A2 W/W Thanks

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    More, Livorno Italy 1947, Life Magazine Archives, Alfred Eisenstaedt - Photographer; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    Few more "Seeps"; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    Few more, amphibious Jeep / Seeps in overseas civilian use in 1947, "Nice" France maybe? again pictures courtesy of Life Magazine archives; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    Too many tires in Okinawa? No problem, build a furnace, hire locals to burn them, all these and above courtesy of the Life Magazine Archives; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    Okinawa Jeep stockpiles in 1949; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    Jeeps and other vehicles stockpiled in Japan after WW2, I doubt any of these made it back to the states; Others; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Deuce Transmission

    We have switched these out several times. And have gotten good at rebuilding them ourselves. We got the tranny parts at Boyce Equipment.

    m1078 conversion to brush fire truck

    Just to clarify; the LMTV is the 4x4, the FMTV is the 6x6 model of these trucks. A sister Fire Dept just got a LMTV to turn into a Brush Truck. They also got a 800-Gallon stainless steel tank that I feel will be way too big for the truck. We have a LMTV as well, but we are going to convert our...

    M10 tank out of control over a bank

    I thought the British did sone other mods too, only 1000 or so built/converted.

    M10 tank out of control over a bank

    Isn't this "replica" of an Achilles with the QF 17 Pdr gun?

    Fire department hmmwv

    This past week we picked up a 1990 2-door HMMWV at the Texas Facilities Yard. Drives good, our guys drove it from San Antonio to our station, a 3 hour drive. We plan on turning it into a "light" brush truck, with a small water tank and pump. Our mechanic chose this one based on the...

    HMMWV for Texas FDs

    Just passing along some information. If you are a Texas FD, VFD, county or City agency, LEO, etc. And you get a HMMWV from the Texas Facility Commission Yards/DRMO in San Antonio or Fort Worth, you can get them titled in Texas for the road. We've been thinking of getting one for a "light"...

    Prices finally dropping.. phew!

    The DRMO / Texas Facilities Commission yards in San Antonio and DFW have a lot of them now. Some of our members have been clamoring for one for years now, we even put in a request with the Texas Forest Service for one to no avail years back; a two door model for a light brush truck? Some of...

    Email from Texas Facilities Commission 081314

    Got this email this afternoon at 16:08 Central Time, unsure how this will affect sales to the public though, but for govt agencies / FD's / VFD's / LE / etc, this is good news: MESSAGE FROM SURPLUS PROPERTY DIRECTOR: Great news, I am going to make this very short. We just got official word...

    Possibly No More Trucks from DLA

    Today I got this email from the Texas Facilities Commission, which handles DRMO sales in Texas: "Federal Surplus Program participants, I want to make this short and to the point. Some of you may already be aware of some issues relating to the availability of diesel trucks thru the Federal...

    Possibly No More Trucks from DLA

    Called DRMO and the Texas Forest Service today: DRMO can sell the trucks on the lot, but no more, even the LMTV's, etc are on the "list" Texas Forest Service rep said they have no official announcement yet. VFD's with trucks that are on "loan" from the Federal Forest Service may be in limbo, I...

    Possibly No More Trucks from DLA

    Texas DRMO yards that sell to govt agencies only appear to still have a full slate of MV's for sale on their website. I might call tomorrow to make sure.

    5 ton used as fire truck

    There are a lot of arguments about using MV's as fire trucks, both pro and con. We've been using 2.5 ton deuces as brush trucks since the early 90's. While we have never used a 5-ton, three of our sister Fire Departments use / have used them, two as brush trucks, and one as a tanker. The...

    M35A2 still on U.S. active duty?

    Was in San Antonio for a bit, Yesterday I saw some nice "fresh painted look" solid green M35A2's with woodland camo covers on Military Drive near Lackland AFB towing what looked like M105 trailers. The drivers had on the digital uniforms with yellow ear muffs, I couldn't tell what branch of the...
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