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  1. moriboy

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    After many years of ownership, I finally bit the bullet and put air assist on her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. moriboy

    What year model did the m35 go to duel reservoir brakes sysytem?

    I believe 1987 was the first year of dual circuit brakes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. moriboy

    Haul 5 ton from Southern CA to Southern OR

    I would need a flatbed.
  4. moriboy

    Haul 5 ton from Southern CA to Southern OR

    I am looking for a vendor that can haul a 5 ton from SoCal to Oregon. Any recommendations from anyone? Thank you!
  5. moriboy

    m925 wont start

    Hello and welcome aboard. If you didn't see any water or other contaminants in the fuel you drained I suspect that whats left in the fuel system could be ok. You asked about a kill switch. There is an emergency pull out/mechanical one on the dash underneath and to the right of the steering...
  6. moriboy

    California to Washington State

    I'm about 45 miles south of Eugene, Or. I check this forum regularly, if you need help, PM me...
  7. moriboy

    923 water separator will not drain 3 different trucks

    Mine won't drain either....
  8. moriboy

    Oregon 5-Tons? or other MV's?

    I have a deuce and a 5 ton. I'm near Roseburg.
  9. moriboy

    Figured you 2.5 ton guys might get a kick.....

    You must have tall ceilings in your shop! Looks cool, but how do you get in that thing?
  10. moriboy

    Iraq takes delivery of final M1A1 tanks

    Maybe we sell our equipment to "allies" so we know exactly what they have. Then, if the time comes we know how to defeat it. Letting these guys use our stuff hopefully lessons the chance they are using other unknown technology.
  11. moriboy

    CDL or no CDL? Wondering about what you have.....

    Farm plates and farm endorsement on my license here in Oregon. 150 mile radius from my ranch allowable.
  12. moriboy

    Increase in power at high rpms recently

    Have you noticed any engine oil loss? If so you could be losing it thru the turbo as mentioned earlier. The added oil would act just like adding more fuel. Be very careful, a diesel burning it's own oil can be very scary.
  13. moriboy

    Deuce won't idle

    Yep, my mistake on the water, it happened on my recovery, but none the less it did happen. When one or more cylinders are not getting fuel, idle problems will happen....
  14. moriboy

    Deuce won't idle

    Sounds similar to what mine was doing a few months back. It would run just fine but would not idle. After going thru the entire fuel system, I finally figured out what it was....evidently there was a bit of water in the bottom of the tank. I ran the tank pretty empty and had immediate...
  15. moriboy

    How Many Ways Can I Disable a 939 Series 5-Ton?

    Take the starter off! Not too many ways to turn that big ol motor over without one.
  16. moriboy

    Michigan M923/925 Owners Question

  17. moriboy

    ranch truck

    Yep, they make great ranch trucks. Farm plates cost me $77/year here in Oregon. I hauled hay with both my deuce and m923 this year. The kids that were unloading and stacking hay loved climbing all over my trucks too!
  18. moriboy

    M923 Trans question

    I have also use my 923 in low reverse. Very carefully I might add. I have been moving hay with my truck for 4-5 weeks with no I'll effects. Let me stress I am very careful!
  19. moriboy

    Michigan M923/925 Owners Question

    You need a cdl....many threads on this.
  20. moriboy

    M35A2 As a working Truck

    I tend to agree with law dog. Don't get me wrong, I love my deuce but would get really tired of it as a daily driver. Even finding parking can be a real headache.
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