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  1. BillabongKong

    Can anyone Identify this test vehicle?

    Found it in a Facebook group. Posted by an interesting fellow who went on to develop pedal cars for abandoned railroad tracks. Here was his answer after letting us guess for 24 hours..... Or should I wait as the original author did and give a few more a chance to guess......or know... what it...
  2. BillabongKong

    Can anyone Identify this test vehicle?

    Runs on tracks? generator? rubber wheels with train track guides? steel plates? unmanned? manufacturer hidden?
  3. BillabongKong


    Don't forget the three most important things... Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork
  4. BillabongKong

    Long island new york

    I have been doing business with Kublos Surplus for years and never been disappointed. His shipping is fast and fair, But as a Deuce owner you would do well to take a ride to visit his Yard if you haven't been. He is always at the MTA Sussex Show which is only a few weeks away.(April 21 22) and...
  5. BillabongKong

    Trump plans to lift Obama-era ban on giving local police military equipment

    Copied from Fox News article The Trump administration will bring back the movement of surplus military equipment to local law enforcement. Documents obtained by Fox News reveal President Trump will sign an executive order reversing an Obama-era policy which restricted local police agencies'...
  6. BillabongKong

    2017 mta spring show april 22-23

    MTA Spring Show Thanks To Randy and all the MTA guys who make this one of the best events. Great show with a diversified vehicle turnout and Awesome vendor bargains. Still going on all day Sunday. Make sure you stop by Carnac he had some awesome stuff. I think I overbought!
  7. BillabongKong

    LMTV arrived

    Awesome truck Deshet! Best luck with it. I have heard that the local Gov. can sell them with a title after one year is that the case with yours? I would be interested in one of those bikes too! did they look like this?
  8. BillabongKong

    Spring applied hydraulic release brakes

    Hey Toby sorry to contact you this way but your mailbox is full.
  9. BillabongKong

    Buffalo to NYC Area $150.00 Cash towards expenses.

    If anyone is traveling through Buffalo/Niagara Falls area on their way to New York City/New Jersey area for the holidays, your help would be appreciated. I would be happy to match the fastenal shipping of $150.00 toward your expenses to transport a small (12"x12"x24")but heavy (100lb.) package...
  10. BillabongKong

    Ether can for M939 trucks?

    D6c have you installed a block heater? I try to spray as little as possible.
  11. BillabongKong

    Niagara Falls, NY to New York City area

    I would appreciate any ones help in moving a small 12"x12"x24" Winch from the Niagara area to anywhere near Manhattan NY. The problem is that it weighs over 200 Lbs. so the shipping is difficult. Both ends can drive a distance to meet you, and of course I will contribute to your expenses. There...
  12. BillabongKong

    Military Vehicle Scrap Yards (Humvee)

    That's why we refer to our love of green iron as an "addiction". Your just going to have to get another one!
  13. BillabongKong

    So, what's the one thing you'd change?

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys already do managing this sight, and excuse me if this has been suggested, I haven't had time to read through all the posts. I would like to see a definitive collection of the maintenance and improvements of each vehicle. TM's are very good but they are not...
  14. BillabongKong

    New Series on the History Channel

    I thought this might be worth a Bump
  15. BillabongKong

    New Series on the History Channel

    "Live To Tell" A new series is beginning this Sunday January 10th at 10PM Est. The trailer shows some Present Conflict Vehicles, Overall looks interesting.
  16. BillabongKong

    Larger fuel tank for the m1009- Aero tank or Suburban tank

    Saw some in the classified 50 bucks is a cheap solution if you could make them fit. Not sure if we are allowed to post classified links but this might help you. Fuel Tank & Kit, HUMMER HUMVEE HMMWV M998, NSN 2910-01-447-3911, Brand New $50 Good Luck!
  17. BillabongKong

    Detroit Diesel 6-71 Pic, Factory Turbo and Super Charged

    I vote for Rat Rod! Those engines are popular in boats if your sourcing parts. Looking forward to your next project! Good Luck
  18. BillabongKong

    Front wheel drive seem to stay on, advise please !

    This might help you
  19. BillabongKong

    External 24 VDC Battery Maintaining Station Project

    Does anyone have any experience with this unit? If anyone has one of these for sale please contact me Thanks Frank
  20. BillabongKong

    My "ACE and a Half"

    Awesome Craftsmanship Pat! Hope to see it and you in person soon. Frank
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