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    Help picking up an LMTV in Abilene, KS

    Our trip to Abilene has been delayed until Thursday. I'll send you a text so you have my number.
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    M35A2 Battery Cable Size(s) & Lengths...

    Please buy from me instead of McMaster-Carr. I have reels of high quality copper welding cable and J1127 battery cable on hand as well as the specialty tools to hydraulically crimp the lugs. I'll custom make a set to your specifications and send you a crimped finished kit for less than...
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    MPG vs HP Compromise

    You'd be shocked what you can do for mpg if you go all out. My 1ton pickup truck normally gets 17mpg on a good day, empty, cruising at hwy speeds. (6.7 cummins and 6spd manual transmission) There's a few places in the US where there's a substantial distance between fuel opportunities. Due to...
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    MPG vs HP Compromise

    Consider the following- 1) A diesel engine at idle uses very little fuel. If the engine resistance were the primary energy consumer, then you wouldn't see the fuel consumption drop off so drastically. 2) Towing a high surface area lightweight trailer uses considerably more fuel than towing...
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    MPG vs HP Compromise

    That directly conflicts with my understanding of it. My experience with aero is bicycle related. At 18mph (IIRC) aerodynamics take over from rolling resistance as the primary impedance. (Bicycles...but should be at least somewhat applicable) And from firsthand experience on a motorcycle...
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    Trailer lights {12 volts)

    Put LEDs on the trailers and leave it 24v. The LEDs will work 12 and 24. That's the easiest and best solution.
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    Help picking up an LMTV in Abilene, KS

    Looks like we're going to be there Wednesday. I'm willing to bring a couple batteries and attempt to get it running and take it to your storage place.... If you haven't already got a resolution in place.
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    What engine can i use?

    I haven't done it. You'll want input from someone with firsthand experience. @Jeepsinker and @HanksDeuce come to mind.
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    UT to CO to KS to OK to TX - M200 trailer

    These are in KS and so am I... for the moment.
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    TX A nice 18' slave cable for your HMMWV - $300

    I have another batch of these available. Buy one to keep in each of your trucks :)
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    KS 24v battery charger, compatible with your slave port

    For a while these were selling a dozen or so a week. None lately. I'm guessing that people want trickle chargers for the winter... at any rate, this keeps my ad alive.
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    TX 60mm Mortar Cans

    These are in KS and so am I... for the moment.
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    KS 16.00R20 Michelins $100 and a 14.00 XZL

    Evidently my sale fell through. These are in KS and so am I.... let's make a deal
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    Looking for an antenna

    This is what I have...
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    What engine can i use?

    Or a multitude of gasoline engines fit.
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    What engine can i use?

    I believe the 6.7 cummins will also fit, as well as the 8.3. DT466 I think fits. And the CAT 🐈 that's used in the M35A3 and the LMTV. But the 5.9 is probably the best choice out of the bunch. Assuming you feel the need to dump the multifuel....
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    Looking for an antenna

    I have an antenna of some sort. I'll take pics and post them.
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    Overland 2 Man Photochop

    You may be interested in what @Lothar did with his.
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    Help picking up an LMTV in Abilene, KS

    I don't know LMTVs well enough to know if you need to pull driveshafts. Looks like the storage place you mentioned is about 6 miles from the GP lot.
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