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  1. brakejay

    Fixed my ABS - easy one

    My ABS light started staying on this Spring. I checked the fuses under dash, fine. When the start swich was flipped I did get the 2 "click-click" system check. I wasn't sure where to go from there. Started crawling around under truck. I found a broken wire coming from the pass-rear wheel speed...
  2. brakejay

    Another M931A2 with a 923 Bed

    I recently finished my shortened cargo bed and got it on my truck. Truck is M931A2. Bed is M923 variety from member smittyjr355 (a great guy). Thanks to all who posted their short bed installs. Just passing along how I did it if it helps. It is 10ft inside length. I cut the bed to length, cut...
  3. brakejay

    Was on the Side of road. Fuel primer location on M931A2, Found.

    Dumb question. Where is fuel primer on M931A2? Ran a tank dry on freeway. I know I need to prime. Can't find the primer. Have tm -10 but the picture of primer eludes me on truck. Thanks.
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