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  1. BillabongKong

    Can anyone Identify this test vehicle?

    Runs on tracks? generator? rubber wheels with train track guides? steel plates? unmanned? manufacturer hidden?
  2. BillabongKong

    Trump plans to lift Obama-era ban on giving local police military equipment

    Copied from Fox News article The Trump administration will bring back the movement of surplus military equipment to local law enforcement. Documents obtained by Fox News reveal President Trump will sign an executive order reversing an Obama-era policy which restricted local police agencies'...
  3. BillabongKong

    Buffalo to NYC Area $150.00 Cash towards expenses.

    If anyone is traveling through Buffalo/Niagara Falls area on their way to New York City/New Jersey area for the holidays, your help would be appreciated. I would be happy to match the fastenal shipping of $150.00 toward your expenses to transport a small (12"x12"x24")but heavy (100lb.) package...
  4. BillabongKong

    Niagara Falls, NY to New York City area

    I would appreciate any ones help in moving a small 12"x12"x24" Winch from the Niagara area to anywhere near Manhattan NY. The problem is that it weighs over 200 Lbs. so the shipping is difficult. Both ends can drive a distance to meet you, and of course I will contribute to your expenses. There...
  5. BillabongKong

    New Series on the History Channel

    "Live To Tell" A new series is beginning this Sunday January 10th at 10PM Est. The trailer shows some Present Conflict Vehicles, Overall looks interesting.
  6. BillabongKong

    Crestwood Kentucky To New York Area

    I would appreciate any help bringing a small Generator 20-30 lbs (no fuel in tank) from Crestwood KY to NY/NJ /PA area. Time is not a factor, but the shipping breaks the bank. So anyone going to Rausch Creek offroad or Sussex shows or even just coming up I-95. That would work out well. Of course...
  7. BillabongKong

    M923 Recovery from New Castle Del. Every dramatic detail included !

    #1 Hit Start Lever #2 Drive Home ! . .
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