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  1. 466Navastar

    how to plumb a civilian air braked truck to flat tow with brakes like military does

    Im looking at an all wheel drive 1996 autocar ACL that has a bad transmission....wonder if any of you fellas can give me a thumbnail explanation of how one would go about plumbing this truck to utilize its brakes while being flat towed by another air brake equipped truck - like is commonly...
  2. 466Navastar

    does anyone know if the govt ran out of surplus trucks to sell

    its been a while since Ive seen any pickup trucks or 5 ton and larger trucks for auction at the usual site - after so many months of so many for sale every week.....can anyone comment on the situation - is this a temporary thing or is uncle sam out of the used truck business ? I see a new site...
  3. 466Navastar

    M1070 HET - anybody know how to get a more reasonable/useful final drive ratio ?

    Looking at HETs and like except the 45mph / low mpg....looks like the transfer case is reduction unit in both high and low and axles have reduction that Im not really sure that I understand.... below are specs that I would like for someone knowledgable to comment on - Im wondering if a direct...
  4. 466Navastar

    need M931 size tractor moved from Pomona NY to Buffalo ny 349 miles around june 2nd

    need bobbed m931 sized tractor moved 349 miles from Pomona Ny to Buffalo ny the first or second week of june 2014 it rolls and runs - no drive could be tow barred or hauled can anyone help or provide referral to outfit that's good
  5. 466Navastar

    need non running -rolling chassis International 4200 moved edinboro PA to Hamburg ny

    need approx. 8000# non running - rolling International 4200 - chassis cab towed/hauled from Edinboro PA to Hamburg (near Buffalo) NY (approx. 100 miles)....please call 716 605 6515....thanks
  6. 466Navastar

    Does anyone know anything about Mack DM6116S 6x6 tractors ?

    I have seen a 1967 Mack DM6116S for sale - looked up info on the net....not too much avail.....suspect this is an old military tractor that was used like the current M916...even has a big Tulsa winch behind the cab....seems in pretty decent shape body wise - has Mack diesel that doesn't run and...
  7. 466Navastar

    m917A1 size dump - syracuse Ny to Orchard Park (Buffalo) NY - 155 miles by mapquest

    looking at a freightliner 6x6 dump that is basically a civilian M917 - very interested but has blown transfer case......would help a lot to know what it would take to move this dead dog so I dont find myself with buyers remorse.....want to make a M917 clone......nominal 155 miles is what...
  8. 466Navastar

    anybody ever see a M936 wrecker body - put on a M920 truck ?

    seems like this would be the Ultimate wrecker
  9. 466Navastar

    m35m3 - can cab be lifted to change goofy look of backward sloped hood?

    Ive been looking at these m35a3 trucks that come up at GL and just cant warm up to that goofy hood that slopes backwards towards the cab.....reminds me of the old Ford pickups I had - that used to bend the frames Question: has anyone ever tried to make them look more "normal" - by lifting up...
  10. 466Navastar

    m923/923 with all the gauges removed

    I ve seen GL offering M923/925 trucks with all the gauges taken out...because they dont know if they are radioactive can you guys familiar with these trucks comment on badly this will compromise ease of recovery ?......what exactly NEEDS to be plugged/tied together and or hooked up to a...
  11. 466Navastar

    Anybody ever use railroad to get GL buy home

    Ive been watching the GL auctions and have been interested in some 5 tons - seems they are many time FAR away and having looked into trucking costs havent pulled the trigger mainly because the trucking is half again what the trucks cost Was wondering if anyone has had a vehicle towed or driven...
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