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  1. Prospect62

    Identify this wire

    Can anyone tell me what this should be hooked up to? I looked around and can't find any empty spade terminals that look like this should be plugged into. Truck ran fine with it unplugged like this.
  2. Prospect62

    No start after sitting a month

    Had the M1009 nose up on jack stands for the last four weeks (I get about 6 hours a week of free time to wrench) replacing the front end and doing other odds and ends like balancer, belts, new PS pump ands all new PS lines, etc. In fact, it's still nose up on jack stands. I finished the...
  3. Prospect62

    Help with correcting speedo (gear)

    Guys I have 35" tires and stock 3.08's on my M1009. Yeah it sucks but a gear swap ain't happening anytime soon. Can anyone tell me what speedometer gear for the NP208 I need to correct the speedometer? Right now I think it reads too fast, meaning it says I'm doing 50 when I'm really doing like...
  4. Prospect62

    Brake issue, ideas welcome

    My M1009 appears to have been sitting for some time when I got my hands on it. Before I tore into it, I took it for a short (1/2 mile) shakedown run and quickly realized I had a caliper sticking (driver front). Got hot to the point of smoke rolling out and me being unable to touch anything...
  5. Prospect62

    FNG, first CUCV. What to do first...

    Hello all. Been wanting a CUCV for some time, finally got one. The truck is an 85 M1009 with 86,000 miles +/-. Yes, it has a lift and 35's. I know some people here frown on lifts, but it's something I would have wanted to do eventually anyway so I consider it a bonus. My questions is...
  6. Prospect62

    Worth the trouble (M1009)

    Well it's funny, just when I got bitten by the CUCV bug for the second time (I was bitten a couple years ago but then my wife got pregnant) I found one for sale nearby. I've searched high and low for CUCV's for a long time and NONE seem to pop up in my area, not within at least 250 miles. This...
  7. Prospect62

    Newb from upstate New York

    Hey guys. Great forum, PACKED with info. I'm loving it. As you can see by my avatar, I'm a Jeep guy and have been for several years. Used to have a civvie K5 and now I'm hoping to become the proud owner of an M1009 sometime in the near future. I've always wanted one and just decided I better do...
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