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  1. davidb56

    fuel pump.

    I haven't heard my in tank pump run before start up for a while, and today when changing the primary fuel filter, I couldn't use it to fill it back up. truck has been running fine and still does without it. I only use it for firewooding around me and snow plowing, so no highway driving. I...
  2. davidb56

    centrifuge versus sock filtering.

    Your experience with cleaning waste oil using a motor driven centrifuge or a series of sock/basket filtering down to 1 micron filters. I dont want to include lube pump driven centrifuges because of they are only in the bowl a few seconds, compared to a motor driven centrifuge that has 3-4...
  3. davidb56


    I need to replace some top cover parts such as the shifting forks, and shift plate. Im having trouble finding them at the usual places. any leads?
  4. davidb56

    Sherpa winch took a dump

    My 24vdc Sherpa winch has very little use on it....very very little. I pull firewood with cables on the back pintle hitch. Today, for the 3rd time I needed to winch around a stump and the winch quit working before I even got the cable slack out. I drove back with about 12 feet of cable wrapped...
  5. davidb56

    Starter: M35A2 vs Delco 40mt 12t (on Cat D4D)?

    Is the M35A2 starter the same as a Delco 40mt 12t ? it looks the same as the one on my Cat D4D dozer. Im buying a new one for the Cat, and thought Id rebuild the old on for a spare.
  6. davidb56

    Locker in the rear axle only

    Im probably going to install one Detroit ( Ouverson ) locker in the rear axle only on my deuce this summer for the winter driving/plowing. Has anyone experienced driving a deuce with one in the rear axle only? Ive gone through many threads here about them and I tried to absorb as much...
  7. davidb56

    pyrometer failure

    My EGT gauge took a dump. I have supply voltage, good ground, but the gauge is dead. it doesn't light up or turn on, so that eliminates the sender probe. I contacted the supplier, "The Sensor connection" about sending it to them for repair. Its about 6-9 months old. I'll update their reply...
  8. davidb56


    I was doing a home inspection way up near the Canadian border on some remote ranch right on the Moyie River, and the owner had this......he said I could have it....for 10K.
  9. davidb56

    air intake blast gate.

    if I install a blast gate on my snorkel side of the air cleaner, would the 1" compressor line connected on the air cleaner allow a run away engine to suck air from the compressor intake to keep it running?
  10. davidb56


    IIFC, Rustystud was going to get his back tuned up at the hospital. I hope he's recovering fine. Ive had 4 tune ups myself and it takes a few weeks to get around again depending on the procedures.
  11. davidb56

    troop seat rails/boards

    Ive ran out of places to look for the extruded aluminum rail boards that are on my deuce troop seats. they don't have to be the full length, as UPS likely will only ship 5-6 footers.
  12. davidb56

    tire chains

    Im setting up my Deuce for winter snow and ice. Peerless chain chart require .97 (1 inch) side wall clearance. I got 1 inch at the trunion with the Michelin 11/20's. So after installing dually chains, I got 1/4th inch. I would like to install single tire chains on the outside wheels, and the...
  13. davidb56

    choice between 1970 deuce or 1987 deuce.

    Im having to choose between the two. the 1970 belongs to a close friend who keeps his equipment up perfectly, and will deliver it for free. the 1987 is from a private party 477 miles away. The 87 has dual circuit brakes, air ride seat, drop down sides, and brand new Michelin xl tires. I may...
  14. davidb56

    M35A2 roadside kit.

    I have to travel around 450+ miles to purchase a deuce. I would like to bring a roadside repair kit to fix it if it takes a dump on the way back. I will bring a couple jacks, some cribbing, 3 inch socket, socket set up to 1 3/4 inch, hand tools, antifreeze, water, diesel fuel, oil, gear oil...
  15. davidb56

    test with pic.

    Im trying to get a picture posted.
  16. davidb56

    New Member

    Hi, Im Dave and live near Moyie Springs Idaho, about 2 miles from the Montana border. Im in the process of buying a M35A2 from a friend. I will do some mods to it to handle my environment.
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