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  1. irishvin

    PA - Summer 2014 Rausch Creek Steel Soliders Rally

    I couldn't have said this any better myself so in the words of shenkmen heres the Official Thread for 2014 summer Rausch Creek MV Rally This is the official sign up thread for the Summer 2014 Rausch Creek MV Rally. The event will take place from Friday, August 1st to Sunday, August 3rd at...
  2. irishvin

    no post on passnger side alt

    so on my m1009 i changed it back to 24 volt system they guy had it before me just switched the 2 battery's around so they weren't charging in series. instead they were running in parallel. so i switched it back. passenger side alt wires weren't hooked up so i thought i could just hook them up be...
  3. irishvin

    leaking fuel injector

    Hey guys, here is my problem. When I got the truck (m1008) it had a GP down cylinder, so i pulled it out by taking the injector off. After putting it back together it leaked for a bit so I replaced it with another injector and it stopped leaking. Now I'm having the same problem but worse - as...
  4. irishvin

    S250 shelter stands in M1008

    Hey guys, I have a question. I know that the S250 shelter can fit in a M1008. Are there any stands or jacks it can sit on so that I can put it on and off as i see fit? The only way I see doing it is with a fork lift...and well, I don't have any access to one. Any suggestions would be much...
  5. irishvin

    snow storm and new starter thank god last night my starter came in. With new brackets and bolts. Put it up there last night and wake up this morning a foot of snow. nice to have m1008 running in it. Would have never made it to work other...
  6. irishvin

    M1008 cracked head off starter

    Ok so I bought this truck back October other than a lil gp issue everything is just fine till 2days ago truck wouldn't start it cranked but wouldn't start so left it on a trickle charger bc I drained the batterys (stupid me) then came oyt this morning it would start again went so went to work...
  7. irishvin

    m1009 glow plug card

    Ok guys I know its gotra be asked before but im gonna shoot. .... my M1009 is 12 volt set up for gps and uses the gp card (it has no resistor bank on the fire wall other wise I do normal 24 volt) its been working perfectly fine now my m1008 has a push button the former owner put in can I just...
  8. irishvin

    m1008 glow plug not working right ..?

    Ok bought m1008 the guy took the 24 volt resistors out and jump by the looks of it then he installed a push button gp .. now im just confused bc the push button attached to the light blue wire off the gp module and then grounded to the body ... I dont see how this working if at all... last 2...
  9. irishvin

    My new M1008A1

    hey guys I just picked up a M1008A1 it has 48962 on it had a few problems battery's dead glow plug broken in the pre-chamber a little rust in the cab corners other that that pretty solid. it came with bows and cargo cover and with troop seats pretty cool truck everything works and runs great...
  10. irishvin

    wait light problem.

    Hey guys I did sreaching on here didnt find anything or I was reaching the wrong way. But anyway my problem is when I trun the key my wait light doesn't come on till your about all the way to start. I don't know if theres adjustment or I need to replace. Just kinda lost started doing it about a...
  11. irishvin

    m1009 reverse lights not working

    m1009 reverse lights not working. I pulled both bulbs replaced them checked the wries I have a good ground just no power. checkedthe wries all the back into the cab are good . Fuses are good im really lost now please help
  12. irishvin

    suggestions on 5 ton truck

    Im looking at getting a 5 ton truck but I have never driven one. And don't known totally how everything works. Any suggestions on what 5 ton I should get was look at a m931...but I don't know I figured I ask for opinions before big buy thanks
  13. irishvin

    Tow bar for m1009 needed

    Does anyone have a tow bar that I can borrow? I need to haul an M1009. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  14. irishvin

    Re painted my M1009

    Re painted my M1009 with rustoleum spray paint olive green earth brown and black tell me what ya think still need to put a 2nd coat on. thanks
  15. irishvin

    m1009 bearing problem. ... help please!

    Ok so I took my hub off my m1009 stared to replace the breaing but the outer race wont stay in. hit it down and as soon as I filp it over do the inner one it falls out. so now I put back in again and checked it and it is rotating freely when it pushed down all the way. then I put the old race...
  16. irishvin

    M1009 glow plug problem. ..need help

    My m1009 glow plug light wont come on unless I trun the key almost to were the starter kicks in ...this started happening after I replaced the gp relay.... idk what I did wrong I put all the wires back the way they came just need sum help thanks
  17. irishvin

    M1009 glow plug problems

    Hey guys! I'm trying to figure out why my glow plugs only get power after I start to crank the engine instead of before, like it should. I encountered this problem after my engine swap and just got around to fixing it (or trying to) and found that the starter relay was broken. I replaced it and...
  18. irishvin

    orange transmission wire?

    the orange transmission wire on the drive side. dose anyone know where that connects to it got cut when i pulled the engine and i don't see where it goes if anyone could tell me where that would be great thanks vin
  19. irishvin

    M1009 Idle Noise

    I recently swapped the engine in my '85 M1009 and when I'm in drive pressing on the brake, it makes some kind of grinding/rattling noise. I'm not sure if it's the transfer case, the transmission, the engine...I just don't know. All fluid levels are fine. The transmission fluid and oil leak but...
  20. irishvin

    My M1009 Cranks But Won't Start

    I was driving my M1009 and when I stopped at a red light, it just shut down on me. I couldn't get it started so I got it towed to my shop. After I charged the batteries a bit, it cranked but it still wouldn't start. I sprayed some starter fluid into the intake and that made it ALMOST turn over...
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