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  1. ida34

    Anyone going to Findley have a 900 series five ton passenger side windshield?

    I am in need of one if you have one let me know the price. Looking forward to the event. I hope they have Huey rides again. Chuck
  2. ida34

    Checking on getting some military oriented air fresheners. Need input.

    I have been thinking of doing this for years. There are certain smells or scents that really bring back my military service. I see it when I take my deuce to regular car shows and the vets smell the canvas. It really seems to take them back to another time. I love the smell of the canvas. I also...
  3. ida34

    Help with M925 pneumatic electric brake controller installation.

    I have a need to pull an electric brake equipment trailer. I am using a pneumatic controller that is actuated by tying it into the brake circuit. I then plan to run the 12 volt trailer on an independent battery. Basically I need to know where to tap for the line to the controller. Hydraulic is...
  4. ida34

    Need Buick Skylark transported from Trinity Al to Dexter, MI

    The title says it. I won a 1972 Buick Skylark that runs and drives. I need it trailered from Trinity Alabama to Dexter, Michigan or close. I am looking to get it picked up in the next two weeks. Thanks Chuck
  5. ida34

    Need deuce gasser engine and trans moved from PA to MI

    Bloomsburg/PA to or closer to Dexter Michigan. One deuce gasser engine and trans. If you can help let me know. Chuck
  6. ida34

    55 gallon drum from OH to MI

    I need a 55 gallon drum of hydraulic oil picked up from Gimpy near Cincinatti OH and moved closer to Dexter (Ann Arbor) Michigan. If you have room let me know. Thanks Chuck
  7. ida34

    Need length of cable (wire rope) on the M108 crane

    I need to replace the cable on the M108 crane. Mine is in rough shape and I am certain it has been shortened. Anyone have an idea of length? Also, what is the best place to get cable? Tractor supply has the right size but it is a fiber core and lifting cable should be not be fiber core. Thanks...
  8. ida34

    Need input on M108 purchase

    I know it has been a while. I have been pretty busy and have not had time to post much. I had some misfortune in my life and my wife passed away. Now I want to build a pole barn workshop to help take up my spare time. This is why you guys did not see me at Findley this year. I am going to build...
  9. ida34

    Need 71 Chevelle from Salinas CA to Ann Arbor MI

    Before I accept a Uship quote, can anyone provide transportation for a non running but rolling 71 Chevy Chevelle? It is located in Salinas Ca and we need it in Ann Arbor Michigan or close to Ann Arbor. We are flexible on pickup and delivery. Need to move quickly on getting something set up but...
  10. ida34

    Mods please check on the M51 add

    military trailers Shelter system Collective Protection - Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite I did not see anywhere else to report this and the add did not allow comments. The member has not posted at all and he is using 67beast's photos. They are of 67beasts M51 Chemical trailer and...
  11. ida34

    What are points for a 4A084 III supposed to look like?

    I finally got around to working on getting my MEP018A gensets working. I only got them about 4 years ago or so. I have two on a M103 trailer so I started with the rear one. I have new carbs I bought a couple of years ago so I am just throwing them on. I also put acid in my 4hn battery I got a...
  12. ida34

    Some new parts and paint on the Deuce

    Over the last couple of weeks I have installed some pigtail tiedowns for the bed that I traded gimpy for. He had the original style and I had some of the trailer style replacements. He also sent me a stone guard for the grill. The front step I got off Ebay as the tailgate step was way to high...
  13. ida34

    Do you need a TM or manual?

    For those new to the site the manuals for most of these vehicles and other equipment can be found by opening Technical Manuals under the resource tab at the top of the page. This links to the old Steel Soldiers site that has a lot of manuals. Manuals can also be downloaded from the link below...
  14. ida34

    How to trouble shoot the glow plug system

    There are a lot of threads on cucv glow plug related systems. They are not covered under any Chilton's or Haye's manual. However, the military has a wonderful trouble section for them in the -20 manual. For those that do not know what that is check the link below. They have a trouble shooting...
  15. ida34

    Need cucv water in fuel sensor from filter base

    If anyone has an old filter base with the water in fuel sensor let me know how much you want for it. If I do not hear anything by Monday I am going to have to order a whole new base. If you can help let me know. Chuck
  16. ida34

    Can I shoot red oxide over epoxy primer?

    I was reading my new supply line and David Doyle keeps coming up with the pertinent articles. I will need to spray my M151A1 in the near future. After reading the article I was thinking about down epoxy primer first (I am stripping the body down to bare metal). I then going to do the filler...
  17. ida34

    Help. Need glow plug removal tool cucv

    I put in some wellman G070 glow plugs in the cucv and they immediatelly swelled and stopped working. I will have to check to make sure the resistor did not fail but in the mean time I need to get the other plugs out. Does anyone have a glow plug removal tool I could rent or borrow? If not I will...
  18. ida34

    Need help getting a friend SS

    I have a friend that has a Humvee and wants to get on the site. He has been trying for a over a month and he says is is awaiting verification by the administrator. His SS id is bullet69 and I do not find it in the member directory. I have been trying to help him out after I met him at a work...
  19. ida34

    Some info on water cure CARC

    For those using the older water cure solvent based one part carc I have a little advice. The biggest problem with this stuff is the water in the air will start the curing process so Shermin Williams recommends using the whole gallon at once. Once thing the manager at the store told me was to...
  20. ida34

    Details on ringmount plate rivets.

    A member asked me to measure the spacing for the rivets on my cab reinforcement plate for the ring mount. Mine came installed by the government. I was the first civy owner. Here are the pics with measurements.
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