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  1. kcimb

    Secret for driving a BRDM-2?

    Seems like ours is easy to get into first and harder to get into R but going from first to second is a bear. It starts quickly and it's a sweet vehicle, however. Any pointers? Perhaps I'm not getting the double clutching down right?
  2. kcimb

    Need to move engines from port Dover, Canada to burleson, tx

    Message me for more details. Would like something to happy soon!
  3. kcimb

    Moving engines from Canada to USA

    Has anyone done this? What are the pit falls? Thanks!
  4. kcimb

    Any Sherman tank experts here?

    I’ve got a possible bunch of twin Diesel engines and transmissions I am looking to acquire for a project. Could use some help identifying them.
  5. kcimb

    Proper gear oil for Russian AFV?

    Flushing and replacing the transmission, transfer case, and some of the other things that require oil. What is a safe oil to use? I have ep90 hypoid gear oil in the axles. I know it’s an older vehicle so perhaps 80/90 but gl-4? Brdm-2 Thanks.
  6. kcimb

    Would a UK 59 mg fit where a PKT would have been?

    Asking because I would love to buy one. Czech point and marcolmar both sell them. This week I discovered my bulbs in the sight illumination unit were burnt out, gotta fix that!
  7. kcimb

    Getting a BRDM street legal

    Oh boy..what a beating. Go to DMV on Granbury rd in Fort Worth, tx, can't do it due to not being titled. That's fine. Go to DMV on gravel road in Fort Worth, can't get it titled with a bonded title until it gets inspected by an auto theft officer and a rebuilt vehicle form done. Ugh. Stay...
  8. kcimb

    Texas museum with a running BRDM?

    I've been told there's a museum in Texas with a running BRDM. I asked in the armor forum but no luck. It's about 2-3 hours east of me (fort Worth, TX). Anyone have a clue who it is?
  9. kcimb

    East texas museum that has a running brdm?

    I know there's a museum in east texas that has a running and operating brdm. Anyone know who?
  10. kcimb

    Assistance needed getting Brdm off trailer

    Need someone with a deuce or five ton and chains to be a backup plan in case the Brdm doesn't want to start. It runs and drives (has a bad head gasket) but in case it doesn't a secondary way to get it off the trailer would be nice. It's coming out on a removable goose neck. Its coming Thursday...
  11. kcimb

    Humvee tail light question

    Do the tail light units contain the brake and turn signals? I'm needing to retrofit turn and brake lights onto another vehicle that doesn't have them and the humvee LED rear assemblies look like the ticket.
  12. kcimb

    Replacement engine for a brdm2

    Top candidates are the cummins 6bt and 4bt (so far). However, will they fit and offer good power/torque? Anyone have experience in this area? Also looking for a head gasket set (2x) for a gaz41 engine. Cannot find one to save my LIFE!
  13. kcimb

    Who does tank restorations in the us?

    I'm leaving soon for a couple months on active duty orders and I can't spend the time working on my brdm. Does anyone know anyone in Texas or Oklahoma or any nearby states that has a good track record and reputation?
  14. kcimb

    So after 6 years of saving up I bought a BRDM2...

    Pics incoming when it gets here on thursday, but here's the low down on what I have and have to do: Iraqi captured BRDM2 in excellent condition. Pretty much 100% complete. Clutch is out (needs to be adjusted/resurfaced/replaced) PTO is stuck in ON, so propeller turns constantly Brakes are out...
  15. kcimb

    urgent-Need someone with an m35 or 5 ton in DFW, TX

    To flat tow a BRDM2 about 12 miles on thursday afternoon in Crowley, TX. Pretty urgent since the BRDM will get towed away (How, I don't know) or stolen by the local rednecks if it's left there. Shoot me a message. Free gas! Ben
  16. kcimb

    Where can one find the ECV frames?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but... All of the new and up-armored production hummvees are based upon ECV frames. I've only known one ECV frame outside of .mil territory. Where are they at? One of my goals is to build a replica of the guntrucks I worked on in the mil. (Added info: I know fairly...
  17. kcimb

    Humber pig questions

    Pretty close to pulling the trigger on a mk2 Humber pig. However, have some questions. A) is the extra mk2 armor removeable? B) what is the top speed? I know i will think up some more later , but any help on these would suffice! Thanks, Ben
  18. kcimb

    Up armoring a 5 ton

    Many of the more popular and successful armored vehicles are based off of truck frames-basically custom made armored bodies bolted onto heavy cargo truck frames. The M53/59 praga, OT64, BRDM2, OT65, Tatrapan, Saxon, Humber Pig, Peacekeeper,piglet, V100, etc are all armoured bodies on truck...
  19. kcimb

    BRDM2 cost shipped to the US?

    Curious..I have been saving money for about 3 years waiting for a deal to happen. Perhaps some importer brought a few over and needs to liquidate them?
  20. kcimb

    Late model tiger tank pulled from a Bog in Eastern europe

    Great googly moogly. Have one picture that was OK'ed to post, it's a picture of the top turret armor.
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