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  1. WhoMe08721

    Pulse Tech Solargizer Questions

    Hey guys, Was looking into buying a Pulse Tech Solargizer for my M35A2 & M998. But had a few questions 1) Are they worth the money? 2) Are the electronics waterproof for fording deep water? 3) What the difference in military vs civilian version? 4) What model is the best to get? Finally I...
  2. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Air Pack Questions???

    Hey guys, Was working on my buddy Deuce and a Half the other day. We where working on the brake system and replace every thing. New brake pads, springs, and clips all around, New master cylinder, and all new wheel cylinders. The only thing we did not replace is the (air pack) & the lines...
  3. WhoMe08721

    Alternative Fuel For M998

    Hey Guys, Has any one ran alternative fuel in there HUMVEE. For example WMO. Currently I use a (Waste Oil Centrifuge) to clean waste oil for my M35A2 and it works out great. I run the truck at mix of (80% Waste Oil to 20% Diesel Fuel) in the summer and have never had any problems for the...
  4. WhoMe08721

    Blower Switch

    Hey Guys, Anyone know where I can get a Blower Switch And Decal Plate. Also anyone know the part numbers. Thanks
  5. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Frozen Air Line

    Hey guys, I have a question on frozen air line on a m35a2 in cold weather. What is the best solution to under freeze air lines and what is the best way to prevent air lines form freezing. I know you should empty the air tanks ever time your done with the truck for the day but my air line...
  6. WhoMe08721

    Field space heating Polar BEAR 130K (Temp Adjustment)

    Hey guys, Any one own or work on a Field space heating Polar BEAR 130K. Question is when you put the unit in (#4) High Temp. what should the max temp be and cold down time. The one I have own gets up to 150 °F and then turns off and goes back down to 120 °F and start the cycle over again...
  7. WhoMe08721

    Multi-Fuel Heater For M35A2

    Hey Guys, Can anyone help me find a TM Manual on a MULTI-FUEL Heater Benmar 20,000 BTU/Hr Heater AP2030-24LBG. Also cause it's call a Multi-Fuel what are the fuel types it will burn. Can I burn used motor oil in it or really only diesel can be burned in it.
  8. WhoMe08721

    Front Axle Boots (Which One To Buy)

    Hey Guys, Hear Is Todays One Million Dollar Question. Which Font Axle Boot To Buy For A M35A2. Today, While Cleaning My Truck I Notice That My Font Axle Boots Are Ripped. I Have Replaced Them About 4 Time Now From The Day I Bought The Truck. I Have Had BLACK ZIPPER, GOLD ZIPPER ...
  9. WhoMe08721

    M998 Diagnostic Tool (What Is This???)

    Hey Guys, Was just trying to find out what this is (Dearborn Protocol Adapter III Plus CAN Diagnostic (Military Version)). I know what a STE/ICE Tester is and know how it works and what it is used for. Is this similar to that and dose it plug in to a pc. Also if it plug in to a pc what...
  10. WhoMe08721

    HMMWV Turbo Kit 6.5 or .62

    Hey any one purchase this turbo kit yet? I have a 6.5 non turbo right now and would like to install one this summer. Also any thought about this kit?
  11. WhoMe08721

    M998 RPM (Idle & Red Line)

    Hey guys, What rpm should a m998 6.5 non turbo 3 speed idle at and what rpm is red line on that truck too thanks.
  12. WhoMe08721

    (M998) Hard To Start With Cold Engine

    Hey Guys, My (M998) is always hard to start with cold engine in colder weather. I have replace all glow plug last year. I have tested the system by connect a amp meter across the batteries and with the glow plug cycling I see a draw around 89 amps. Also check ohms resistance on all glow plug...
  13. WhoMe08721

    Centramatic Wheel Balancer For M35a2

    Hey Guys, Any one every put Centramatic Wheel Balancer on there M35A2. I have them on my m998 and are a big believer in them. They work great on that vehicle. My M35A2 is on single good years 395/85r20 tires. I was hoping they would remove the shake I get in the wheel at 62MPH when I am...
  14. WhoMe08721

    M998 Fan Blade Types

    Hey Guys, Need to replace my Plastic Fan On my M998 6.5 non turbo engine. What is the difference between these two fan i have found. Thanks
  15. WhoMe08721

    M998 Rear Lower Control Arm (Tapped Hole)

    Hey Guys, What Is this Tapped Hole for on the Rear Lower Control Arm???
  16. WhoMe08721

    Steering wheels types and OD dimensions

    Hey guys, Looking for a new Steering wheel and wanted to know how many types were used and where they all the same size??? I have found two types and the one I have is 20inch OD and I have read that some were 18inch OD. Also any good suggestions to prevent them from cracking over time???
  17. WhoMe08721

    Do MTVR have open diffs or lockers????

    Hey Guys, New to MTVR. But was trying to find out do MTVR have air locker or open diffs in there axles.
  18. WhoMe08721

    M35a2 Squeaky brakes

    Hello all, Have a small question, replaced all my Brakes last year drums, pads and new brake fluid (DOT 5) Purple stuff and they worked great after that. But now this year when I let the truck sit for 2 day or so the brakes Squeaky when you first use them, after that this is no noise. I am...
  19. WhoMe08721

    M35a2 Intake Manifold Bad Casting Or Rusted Out

    Hey Guys, Was removing the radiator and thermostat today and notice that my intake manifold is a little mess up inside. Was this a bad casting from the factory or is this rusted out. Should I be worried about this??? Attached are some picture.
  20. WhoMe08721

    Brake pads & Brake rotor (Cross Reference Number)

    Hey guys, Is there a Cross Reference Number for Brake pads & Brake rotor for a stock 6.5L M998. From (Autozone ,Napa, advance auto, pep boys,.......). If not where is the best place to get pads & rotor for the M998. Thanks
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