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  1. silverstate55

    early-80's armor field ops

    M48A5! Thought most of those went to National Guard units….
  2. silverstate55

    M-50 Sherman alive again

    Nice job Ron!! Kudos to your more than capable staff on the restoration, looks AWESOME!!
  3. silverstate55

    Frank8003 - RIP

    Dang that‘s a shame…I also benefited from his sales & PIF deals. Plus I enjoyed reading his posts, he had a wealth of useful knowledge & I was appreciative of his willingness to share so willingly with us. Rest In Peace, sir….you’ll be missed.
  4. silverstate55

    M915 or M920 wanted

    Wes (simp5782) was just telling me about a change in the eBay app that allows him to receive messages from buyers but does not allow him to reply directly…. So it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to him on this forum, he’ll reply as soon as he has time to.
  5. silverstate55

    OK MV bill update

    You, sir, have a gift…thank you for sharing your gift with us! That is outstanding work!
  6. silverstate55

    Where to put steering box for my 5 ton-based truck

    Good to see you back on here Trango!
  7. silverstate55

    Diesel Prices.....WTF ????

    It’s all intentional
  8. silverstate55

    M200A1 Wheel Bearings

    The dual-tired M105 trailer in pics above is mine. I just added stock M35 wheels & 9.00 tires. The overall width (outside sidewall to outside sidewall) is just shy of 104 inches, so YES, it is over width. I used it to move & store 4 multifuel takeout engines, and it is still storing them next...
  9. silverstate55

    Steering shaft - stripped threads - what size die to recut?

    My apologies; I must have misread or misunderstood…didn’t meant to derail your thread.
  10. silverstate55

    Steering shaft - stripped threads - what size die to recut?

    OR, get a new nut slightly smaller & accompanying die and go from there. (Since you mentioned that the previous threads were stripped out and left a smooth shaft…why not just cut new threads slightly smaller and use a new nut that fits them? With a little anti-seize applied of course…)
  11. silverstate55

    Girlfriend in the next town

    Females tend to get friendlier with the more money you throw at them…I’m sure this one is no different. It’s just a matter of money: how friendly & affectionate do you want her to be?
  12. silverstate55

    Short Airpack Redux

    Excellent write-up! This should just about cover the entirety of the short AirPaks out there. Thanks for sharing!
  13. silverstate55

    My first Benz

    Absolutely incredible work! Well done!!
  14. silverstate55

    M1070 Low Power Issue, resolved

    I get most of my Detroit parts from Powerline Components in Wyoming; they’ve always come through for me, especially if you ask Sales for Joe. Be sure to have your engine model number & serial number handy, in order to be able to get the right parts…unless you can verify the exact part number...
  15. silverstate55

    Inflating tube tires with lock ring wheels

    I have broken down tube tires mostly with a duckbill hammer and tire spoons. For the stubborn ones where the rust & ancient rubber bead have fused and wouldn’t move with any hammering, I pushed the tire/wheel under my flatbed equipment trailer and used a hydraulic bottle jack to break the beads...
  16. silverstate55

    Inflating tube tires with lock ring wheels

    Hydraulic Bead Breaker
  17. silverstate55

    M105A2 Axle Spec/replacement suggestions

    How about an Electric-Over-Hydraulic controller (12-volt)? That way you could use a standard trailer plug to tow it…the hydraulic brakes are pretty effective on these trailers. As stated in other threads, you can get 6-lug Budd wheels in other, smaller sizes to use modern tubeless radial tires...
  18. silverstate55

    Simp's M816 Bringing back from the dead thread

    But then you’d have to turbo & intercool it…. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  19. silverstate55

    Inflating tube tires with lock ring wheels

    Either hooks on ends of chain or with some Grade8/10 bolts/washers/nuts/etc…
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