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  1. Mainsail

    Repurpose Duke CIED Antenna to Ham Radio

    The following is a tutorial on converting the Duke CIED antenna to use in the ham radio bands. You choose which band(s) based on the antenna you put inside, however you should be shopping for a (1) no-groundplane antenna that (2) is a length that fits inside the tube. My CUCV has had several...
  2. Mainsail

    Antenna Mounting

    Huge thanks to rcamacho for helping me into an M1165. :beer: I want to move the CIED antenna from the M1009 over to the vee, but I clearly don't have the proper bracket. There's too much body flex with the antenna even without the riser. I'm not having much luck finding photos of this...
  3. Mainsail

    HMWV 4-Man Soft Top

    Looking for the top only, don't need the supports etc. Don't need the rear curtain either. Cammo or perhaps plain green. Reasonably priced... EDIT to add- I have no idea why keyboards and typing hate me. Typo fixed, don't razz me!
  4. Mainsail

    4WD Light

    OK, what does the yellow 4WD light tell me? Shift lever is in 4WD Transfer case is in 4WD I ask because every so often I shift to 4WD and the light doesn't illuminate. Is the front axle engaged even tho the light didn't come on? Sometimes the 4WD light comes on a minute or so after I've...
  5. Mainsail

    Gen 1 Light Romantic Glow

    Suddenly I'm noticing the Gen 1 light is glowing softly while the motor is running. Everything else appears normal. I would estimate the bulb is 35% as bright as it is when I turn the key and the Wait light is on. It goes out completely when I put a high load on the electrical system...
  6. Mainsail

    TH400 Shifting Late

    I know there are a lot of old threads on this, but I will need help with physical locations of the various parts and that's often left out. Driving to work this morning I noticed the transmission shifting late from 1st to 2nd (high revs) and while at slow speed I don't get any shift from 2nd to...
  7. Mainsail

    M1009 Brake Shoes and Differential Seals

    What the heck happened here? Six hands and a leg to hold everything, get it all back together before I noticed that the shoes I bought eight months ago are much narrower than the ones I took off. I bought them on Rock Auto and these were the ones they selected. What do I need exactly? New...
  8. Mainsail

    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    Trailer has been sitting a while (with the parking brakes set) and i pulled it from its parking spot over to the driveway. While backing it in the driveway the brakes applied so I pulled it around the block and tried again. This time it went up the driveway but I think the brakes were...
  9. Mainsail

    SINCGARS Alternative Power Supply (ASAPS)

    Picked this up on the auction last week. The story goes there was a guy that bought millions worth or milsurp and recently died, the family is selling all the stuff. The guy at the yard told me that was one of six locations in the US, and that there was at least $3Million in that location. So...
  10. Mainsail

    How Do I Pay for This Thing?!

    Won item today and want to pay so I don't get charged a late fee, but I don't understand how to check out. Where do I put my credit card info? Why is check-out not the simplist freaking thing I do today?
  11. Mainsail

    AB-15 Antenna Sections problem

    Finally got all the parts together in one place and ready for install. Bored a big hole in a cover plate I had laying around- made a lot of noise and mess but it's done. Then disaster. Trying to screw the three sections together I managed to destroy the center section. The threads are not...
  12. Mainsail

    Steering Pump Puller

    Yikes, the fleet is down to one operable vehicle! I need to get the power steering pump pulley off; will this set from HF work?
  13. Mainsail

    Heat Blower Bogging the Electrical?

    This morning I drove the M1009 to work like always, only today I was getting a lot of belt squeal, and eventually the belt was squealing all the time. In the parking lot I tried a few things and it seems to be isolated to the heater blower. When it's on, the voltmeter is just into the low...
  14. Mainsail

    Newport News?

    Saw this on a website that lists unsecured webcams. Looks like a HMMWV with the hood up. If it's you, lock them cameras down! :carnac:
  15. Mainsail

    Steerable Trailers?

    There always seem to be a few dual axel steerable trailers on the auctions but I never see any on the road. They would probably make good utility trailers for hauling stuff- no tongue issues to deal with. Are they not allowed on the roads? Do they not track well at highway speed?
  16. Mainsail

    Won Another M1101

    My last one had to be sold because I didn't have any place to put it, but now that we've bought a house I was on the lookout for another. Won one yesterday and will pick up soon. The last time the trailer pintle bound up and twisted the riser plate I had in my jeep receiver. I think the...
  17. Mainsail

    Antenna Brush Guard Install

    Does anyone know which pub discusses the installation of the antenna brush guard? I finally found one that was priced like it was made out of aluminum instead of gold, and I've checked all the pubs I downloaded off this site, but don't see any install instructions. I found the antenna...
  18. Mainsail

    Voltmeter Drop Cycle Question

    1986 M1009. During the last two cold starts I have noticed the following: Normal start, engine running, everything else normal: The needle in the voltmeter drops into the yellow and I hear a relay clicking somewhere OR I hear a relay clicking somewhere and the voltmeter drops...
  19. Mainsail

    Another New (old) M1009 Driver

    Here’s my new to me 1986 M1009. It has 93K on the odometer, but the motor was replaced about 5K miles ago and the tranny may have been because it shifts nice and tight. The engine compartment is super clean, it has no rust anywhere, and fires up without drama. I need to fix a few small...
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