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  1. Ridgerunr

    MEP-803A Troubleshooting Assistance Needed

    Greetings all, I’m having operating issues with my new (to me) MEP-803A. It’s a 2010 unit with 10 hours on it. I picked it up from GL at Tobyhanna PA back in September. They had video of it running with the info on their site. To this point I’ve done the following maintenance: Changed the oil &...
  2. Ridgerunr

    Serching for MEP-803A Parts

    Greetings all. Picked up a 2010 MEP-803A from Tobyhanna Army Depot last weekend and I’m going over it before firing up for the first time. Although it has only 10 hours on it, felt it best to change all the fluids before running it. It’s missing the exhaust flap and hinge and someone...
  3. Ridgerunr

    New Member From PA

    Greetings all! I've been researching before taking the plunge and buying an M35A2 and am impressed with the huge amount of information and knowledge on this site. I've seen quite a few trucks for sale in my area but want to be sure I've done my homework before dropping $$ on a big velicle like...
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