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  1. 2003hummer h1

    Looking for M274A5 to be rebuilt

    Im looking for someone close to new york/new jersey that rebuilds military mules. I had my A5 working great then I believe the ethanol free gas i used was not ethanol free, fuel pump crapped out. I used to be in better shape and would have done the rebuild myself. After having a PE and 2 heart...
  2. 2003hummer h1

    Fluids for M274A5?

    S.S. Ive been working off and on for two years on an M274A5 I picked up in Boston Mass. (two young children, no extra time) first time opening a Mule up. Finally completed the engine work and she runs great! took her out for a brief ride and everything works the way it should. Im about to change...
  3. 2003hummer h1

    HEMTT Wheel Disassembly Question

    I am planning to disassemble 6 HEMTT wheels, cut out the centers with a plasma cutter, instal new bolt on centers and mount them on my Deuce. I ran into a problem disassembling the second HEMTT wheel. Let all the air out, removed all the nuts on the perimeter of the wheel (16) and I can not...
  4. 2003hummer h1

    Driving lights on Deuce go on for a second then go out.

    This is my first M35A2C and Im so proud to own it, drive it and talk to curious people. The service manual is kind of difficult to navigate compared to the H1 S.M. I have a basic understanding of electrical systems but no experience with the Deuce's. Anyone ever run into this problem? "Driving...
  5. 2003hummer h1

    Anyone have a head gasket "weep" on their Deuce?

    Picked up my Deuce Sunday, went out monday to look everything over, noticed most of the hose clamps needed tightening. Tightened them up and took the truck out, got it up to temp to make sure the hoses did not leak. While looking the engine over I noticed that the head gasket had a small amount...
  6. 2003hummer h1

    Where is the Vin# on my Deuce????

    Well, another lovely day at DMV (N.Y.) Im in the process of buying my first Deuce and DMV will not accept a photo copy of the ID number on the data plate which was removed by the owner and photo copied. They want a "Rubbing" of the vehicle ID number and I dont have one. Does anyone know if there...
  7. 2003hummer h1

    opinions about Deuce 6x6 with HEMTT wheels/395/85R20's

    Im thinking about singling out my deuce and can't decide what to go with. Anyone have experience with HEMTT wheels with bolt on adapter plates? and 395/85R 20 goodyears on the 6x6? I also have m35A3 wheels which are expensive, and the 395/85R20's as the other choice. Im a little worried about...
  8. 2003hummer h1

    Looking for a Bobbed Deuce in the NY/NJ area

    like others, it seem's like all the M35A2's are on the other side of the earth. I live north of NYC and am ready to make the upgrade to the Bobbed Deuce. I found a really nice 6x in Rochester but I would rather find one that has been bobbed already and is a little closer to home. Does anyone...
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