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  1. CUCV_ut

    MEP-112a to MEP-003a conversion 400Hz to 60Hz

    I found a great deal on a MEP-112a generator last summer. The seller included a 60Hz generator head from a MEP-003a generator for converting it over. I researched it and discovered that I would also need a different control panel and output box as well. I have a non-running mep-002a and found...
  2. CUCV_ut

    S-250 Shelter HMMWV trailer build M1102

    A while back I recovered an S-250 shelter. I'm finally back to the project and working on it. Here's a couple pictures of the shelter when I picked it up. It had some potential but needed some exterior work. We worked on the roof and got a first coat of green paint on it. The inside has...
  3. CUCV_ut

    MEP-004a Generator runs but shuts down no fuel pumps run

    Hello I was checking out my MEP-004a generator and it started right up but then dies. I noticed the low fuel light came on and it ran for a couple more minutes with the battle short switch on. I had been reading up on the mep-004a threads and had a few ideas of what to check. The main fuel...
  4. CUCV_ut

    Hunter H1 heater engine and shelter USAF

    Hello I picked up a small trailer mounted H1 heater this summer. I believe it was an air force unit used to preheat engines and shelters. It is NSN 4520-01-135-2770 P/N: 8227100 manufactured by Hunter back in 1983. It uses a single cylinder lister diesel engine to drive the burner unit...
  5. CUCV_ut

    Identify this generator traile AN/MJQ-32 Dual 3kw

    Identify this generator trailer AN/MJQ-32 Dual 3kw Hello I picked up an interesting trailer the other day. I've seen trailers with dual 3kw Mep-701 generators, but this one has a bunch of extra brackets mounted to it. Does anyone know what else was on the trailer as used by the military...
  6. CUCV_ut

    Trailer Mounted CTMGSA-15 generator

    Hello I just won the auction on a nice looking ctmgsa-15 kw generator. I'm very excited to get it going. I've been looking around cannot find a manual on it. Could anyone please help? It looks like a great unit. I found one of the smaller 5kw ones a few years ago and really like it. Thanks to...
  7. CUCV_ut

    Help identifying auxillary heater

    I was looking for a heater I could add to my HMMWV now that winter is coming on. I've only got soft doors and with the helmet hard top it's got a lot of space to keep warm. I have this heater that I bought years ago and am not sure what it went to. Does anyone recognize this unit? I...
  8. CUCV_ut

    M1031 Contact Maintenance Truck Arctic heater install

    We occasionally have pretty cold weather in Utah, not the coldest, but enough that I would want to at least use a block heater. The Contact Maintenance truck is not used often compared to our daily drivers and may not be near a power outlet so I began gathering parts for the arctic heater kit. I...
  9. CUCV_ut

    CTMGSA-5 5 kw diesel generator trailer mounted

    Hello I just picked up a neat trailer with generator. Originally it came with two 5kw generators wired to a switch box. Apparently the DOD needed more generators in the 90s so they came up with these commercial trailer mounted generator set to supplement the MEP series. The trailer is really...
  10. CUCV_ut

    Hol-Gar CE-301-AC 30kw diesel generator info

    Hello Years ago I bought a 30kw generator. It sat for years as backup power at one of the state prisons. It's a Hol-gar CE-301-AC generator FSN 6115-077-8600. It uses a GM Detroit diesel 3-53 engine and I believe it's a Westinghouse generator end. I've had it running a little but the fuel...
  11. CUCV_ut

    USMC Ground Expedient Refueling System - Any info?

    Hello I just purchased a neat USMC Ground Expedient Refueling System from a collector locally. I'd always thought they looked neat but shipping it would have been expensive. It's the medium size system that originally came with 4 155 gallon fuel bladders, 2 dual 24v air compressors, 3 fuel...
  12. CUCV_ut

    S-250 shelter recovery - how best to haul

    I'm planning on a recovery trip to pick up a S-250 shelter tomorrow. I was planning on putting it on a M-101 trailer but I think it's an A2 model because it has surge brakes and CUCV wheels. Is it true that those are too narrow? My backup plan was to take our tilt deck car hauler down there, it...
  13. CUCV_ut

    Utah HMMWV recovery, Helmet Hard top install, and build.

    Hello I never thought I'd end up posting about a HMMWV, but that changed a couple months ago. I was surprised how just how much they had come down in price from the initial offering last spring. I ended up with this 1995 M998A1. I wanted something that I could take the family out in, but the...
  14. CUCV_ut

    M998A1 A/C system mix match install rear fender mount

    Hello I just scored my first HMMWV a few weeks ago and am trying to make it a little more comfortable for the family. The 4 door ones were going for quite a bit more money, so I ended up getting this two door model. I've found a helmet hardtop locally to put on it. It gets pretty hot out...
  15. CUCV_ut

    My M1031 Contact Maintenance Truck project

    Hello I've been an occasional reader here for years but I think this is my first post. First off I would like to thank everyone who provides so much help to everyone, I've usually been able to solve any problem just by reading posts here. I bought a nice M1031 from a university auction...
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