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  1. alanb

    looking for behind the bumper winch setup on cucv

    Getting ready to put on a winch on my cucv. There was a thread where someone had put on a winch behind the front bumper and set below the motor. Looked for over an hour trying to find the post. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. alanb

    Deuce hard top and door from Butler, Missouri to I-75

    Looking for possible pickup in Butler, Missouri to I-75 from Florida to Kentucky. Picking up Duece in Independence, Kentucky the weekend of February 16-18 and bringing back to Gainesville, Florida. Can possibly take load from Tampa Florida area to Kentucky via I-75 and or return.
  3. alanb

    Huntsville, AL to central Florida

    Need pallet shipped from Huntsville, AL to Central Florida Won 2 ea Beta Systems-Liquid filter seperators. 2 ea Beta Systems Inc Mdl: FS50VW liquid filter seperator. SN: 117-3481, 50 GPM cap. Max working pressure 75 PSI with ho - Government Liquidation needs pickup before 9/28/12 Please pm if...
  4. alanb

    Shrevport,LA to tampa

    Picking up Duece on Wed. the 5th. Going down 49 to 12/10 interstate to 75 south to Tampa. If anyone along this route could give an assist (if needed ie; technical advice or a place to work on the duece) would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. alanb

    Shrevport,LA to Tampa, Fl.

    I need a Duece hauled from Shrevport (Barksdale AFB) to Tampa,Fl. Looking for quote. pm @ alanb email-
  6. alanb

    oil dip stick

    Just bought m35a2c. looks like the dip stick is missing. Does anyone know the part #? thanks in advance
  7. alanb

    newbi from Tampa,Fl

    been looking at site for awhile for info on picking up a duece. Have bid a couple of times on the Gl but, no luck so far. Going to check out a duece locally this afternoon and see if I can make a deal. If all goes well will be checking in alot more on SS for info. Great site and people on these...
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