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  1. andytk5

    M1009 Windshield frame rust repair/replace

    Need help with my M1009 windshield frame repair. I need to repair the areas that have rusted through and don't know if they sell the complete panel where I can drill out the spot welds and replace the entire frame or not. How have others repaired this area? I didn't find and threads talking...
  2. andytk5

    Gadsden Falg stencils????

    Gadsden Flag stencils???? I have been trying to figure out what to paint on the truck doors for the duece and cucv for a while. I finally came to the conclusion that some rattle snake stencils and "DTOM" under it would be awesome just like on the gadsden flag. Does anyone have any info on any...
  3. andytk5

    Gun trucks on Military channel - weaponology

    Just a heads up. I had a show recorded on the Military Channel called "Weaponology - Armored Personnel Carriers" and it had a breif segment about the 2.5-5 ton gun trucks used in Vietnam. Showed a few of them and talked to some guys about the trucks and weapons. It will probably replay so DVR...
  4. andytk5

    Looking to move to VERO Beach with all my junk..

    I am pouring through the muni codes for Vero Beach and it says no parking of trucks over 5,000 lbs (my dodge ram weighs more than that...) then it also says no to industrial equipment.. My local codes state no vehicle over 20' to be within the setup from the street so I just keep mine along...
  5. andytk5

    MEP-004A recovery, smooooooth....

    Picked up a 004A/M200A1 w/ASK from Eastover and had ZERO issues shockingly. Gen was even in a dirt ditch and we were able to pull it out no problem. Rolled smooth as silk, tires were great. ****, even the lunette was flipped down for me! I had all the tools I could muster and didn't need a...
  6. andytk5

    Shipper from Eastover, SC to Jax, Fl??

    Looking for input on shippers for an MEP-004a on M200 genset from Eastover, SC to Jax, Fl. Looking for some quotes or shipper rec's. Thanks!
  7. andytk5

    Latest Gen sales on Gl..

    Watched some of the sales that just closed and they were all over the place from $400-$36,000?? A nice 004a on trailer(M200) in SC went for a little over $1100. Another 005a went for $1000.00 in GA on a trailer. I looked at the Jax 007a's (too large for me) one was nice another was...
  8. andytk5

    Deuces in Avengers!!!

    I saw some Deuces in the new "Avengers" movie that just came out. The movie was badass by the waaaay! From what I remember I saw them in the building implosion scene (all I am going to say to avoid spoler). It had a lightrack across the top of the cab. Looked pretty cool. I might look into...
  9. andytk5

    Walmart bundle stereo packages??

    Keeping in mind this is for a beach wagon cookout mobile that will get hosed out... Anybody used those bundle packs from walmart or other palces that are about $100 and have four speakers and a head unit with a remote? Here is a pyle version I am looking at for the M1009. Pyle...
  10. andytk5

    6.2 N/A or 6.5HMMWV turbo engine running upright???

    Can one of these engines (pref a 6.5 center turbo) be run in an upright position? Water pump up, turbo down oreintation using a dry sump oiling system? Would there be any issues with the oil on the rockers, cam, etc? Seems the dry sump system can be used to scavenge for the turbo oiling. I...
  11. andytk5

    Pics of a M1009 in the bed of a deuce???

    I saw an old 2004 thread about a truck but no pics. The 1009 seems like it would be a decent fit at 80"~ track and the bed being 96" wide. The length is 184 and the length of the bed is 144, 1009 wheelbase is 106~ so maybe a no go. Just wondered if anyone had any pics? Would need some serious...
  12. andytk5

    New M1009 CUCV owner!!

    Hey guys, Just picked up a pretty decent 09 the other day. Just for those who wonder I i know I did and I read every thread I could) this truck has 33x12.50x15 Buckshot Mudders (good tread) and it fit on a Uhaul auto transport (newer model like others discussed). The tires rubber the outter...
  13. andytk5

    MEP-003A at JAX DRMO

    Looking to pickup one of these or two if the prices are right. I was watching a group of them last auction but had to leave an missed the ending prices. Anybody know what these guys usually go for? Most of the ones that went that round were low hours from 4hrs-50hrs and looked really nice...
  14. andytk5

    CUCV's on GL lately, high $$?

    Been watching the CUCV's on GL lately. Seems like they are selling for some serious coin. They haven't rolled through my area yet and I'd like to pick one or two up. Last I checked there were quite a few going for near $3K and even one at $5500 but that was a shop truck with the welder etc.. Is...
  15. andytk5

    Saw hmmwv's at NAS Jax DRMO

    Saw some hummers at the NAS location today. Anything new on the sale of them to the public?
  16. andytk5

    Steering column shortening

    I searched and saw a few threads breif mentions of it but noew direct talk about it. I'd love to shorten it up a little to allow more movement and comfort instaed of having it in my chest area. Anybody shorten it that can give me some pointers? Thanks
  17. andytk5

    Algae oil grown in continous photobioreactor.

    Is anyone growing there own biodiesel in a PBR system? I searched and I couldn't find a thread about it. I have looked into this alot and there are flexible PBR systems that look like clear pool rafts $600 and up), or some rigid tube strutures that the algae/water travel through using pumps...
  18. andytk5

    Metal plate for floor pan replacement??

    I searched but couldn't find this. Had to cut out some rusted metal floor under the drivers seat. Looks like it may be a common thing since two piece of metal are sandwiched and water probably sits there. I have the pieces still and can compare them to the sheetmetal I find. Anybody ever do...
  19. andytk5

    Swing out Grill and mount for 105 trailer???

    I'm looking to get a 105 for my deuce to hit the beach and would love to get to the beach (on the sand) and unhook the 105 then park the deuce right next to it for a camp or just a family day. My deuce is tan, going for tan 105 as well. My thought is to make a tan outside grill to swing out or...
  20. andytk5

    M35A2 with T831 singles height??

    I have searched and read for this but can't find an answer for my exact situation. I'm putting up a shelter at the house for this and need to know if i I can cut it down some. The shelter is now 9'8 at the sides and 13'~ at the top. Problem I see is that with the stack an the cargo tent up it...
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