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  1. timarr

    Alternator testing at advance auto

    I spent some time today to test my 5 spare alternators . Went to advance to use their test bench. The code you need is p7157 which is the code for a 80s 100amp si27 alternator. use electrical connector c. hook up 2 wire c connector in its spot, positive to positive post and ground wire not to...
  2. timarr

    From jersey shore to southwest v.a.

    I have a m1008 with a fiberglass rescue body on back. I would like to get it from N.J. TO V.A. . Its 508 miles if you go the way I do via interstate 81. Not in a hurry,jusr running out of space in N.J. and plenty in V.A. Thanks!
  3. timarr

    Reworking hmmwv pioneer tool tray

    I ve wanted to rework the hmmwv tool tray to work on a cucv. I started with purchasing the mount online.trays were purchased here. I then unbolted the latch catches and turned them around. Then removed the rubber bumpers and drilled a 5/16 hole on opposite side and remounted. I purchased some...
  4. timarr

    My latest project!

    My latest mod to one of my trucks to feed my green sickness. This will make the perfect service truck. A few loose ends to clean up before the snow comes then on to another truck that was a former brush truck.
  5. timarr

    M1008 repaint

    It was time for my son to repaint his 08 and we put a little twist on the camo but, did follow the mil spec pattern.
  6. timarr

    N.j to o.k. M1009

    Ive got a guy who purchased my m1009 and he needs it shipped from 08742 to Lawton ok 73505. It runs and drives. thank you
  7. timarr

    Correct vent window seals!

    GUYS, I purchased one piece Precision seals. Dont waste your time a pita! I found two piece precision seals #VWK1110 81 A OR VWR81. Its a perfect fit on my m1008 . Remove the window unit, drill out pivot rivit, remove bottom nut ,spring and washers, take out glass, drill out three rivits to...
  8. timarr

    M1008 lift numbers?

    Ok, After days of searching no one has posted a kit number and brand for a 4 inch lift on a m1008. everyone has a favorite brand and height but what are the part#s. It is getting harder and harder to find straight axle kits. I have read people using narrower leaves and spacers on front leaves...
  9. timarr

    M1009 steering box

    HEY!Any help would a plus. I need to replace the gear box and have search and found the lines have two differant type ends? Anyone search out the box? I have a part # lares 1263. A rebuilt box under 100.00 bucks,but want to make sure I dont have a problem with lines.aua
  10. timarr

    Injector types?

    Can someone educate me about the injectors in a 84 m1009. Do I have to pull it to find out the thread/size ? I would like to change them but a pita to pull one just to get oedering info. Can anyone help with info?
  11. timarr

    Cucv key blank

    OK, Guys ive been searching the forum on keys and know its the B blank but also hear it can be the J blank which is a square key. Can anyone with a square key look at the key to see if theres a j stamped in it! Thanks
  12. timarr

    Wet sanding new paint?

    Has anyone tried to wet sand after a new paint job to get rid the orange peel on a flat paint job? paint is aeveroe.
  13. timarr

    m101a2 recovery

    Today was my first trailer pickup at letterkenny army depot. I will have to say it went without a hitch. The GL people were very helpful in the office and loading. I couldnt have asking for a better trailer even paying 350. The tires have never seen the road, E brake cables brand new as the...
  14. timarr

    Chambersburg pickup

    Guys, Iam having a problem with pickup appt. at chambersburg. I cant get an answer when calling office# . Anyone pickup there before have a # for office The # I have is 1 717 267 8651. is that the #? Any help thank you!
  15. timarr

    Any surplus yards in nj?

    Looking for m1009 parts in nj! Know of a few great guys but looking for more!
  16. timarr

    M1009 lift parts ?

    What add a leafs can be put in the front? Am I correct or blowing smoke, A civy has 2.5 front leaves? Because my m1009 has 3 inch leaves so do you use pickup add a leafs ?:cookoo:
  17. timarr

    M1009 exhaust manifold?

    Looking for an answer? Will hummer 6.2 exhaust manifolds fit a blazer without modding. Has anyone tried or am I the ginny pig?
  18. timarr

    M109 spring bushings ?

    If someone with more knowledge then me can enlighten me to the right leaf eye bushing on the front and back of a 84 m1009. I know it not the one listed for the civilan blazer. :cookoo:
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