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    MEP 803A Questions

    After restoring around 30 MEP 003A and MEP 002A generators, I had to stop after health reasons. I had several posts here when I restored these generators. Several weeks ago I attended a construction equipment auction and I bought my first MEP 803A. I needed a project. Before digging too far...
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    003A Just Chugging Down

    Hurricane Matthew blew down my farm Friday night. The power went off about the same time. I cranked my MEP 003A Friday night at 10PM and it still is still chugging as of Monday night at 8PM. It has not been shut down. The power may not be back on before Friday. The house is 4200 sq ft and we are...
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    MEP 002A Unstable Voltage Then No Voltage

    For the past 2 years a friend has owned a MEP 002A with unstable output voltage. It was like that when he bought it. The reconnect switch has always been in the 120/240 single phase position. When started the output sometimes is 120/240 and sometimes it is 155/310. During a typical 30 minute...
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    MEP 802A No Fuel Fault Shutdown

    Even though I have refurbished some 30 MEP 002A and 003A generators, I know very little about the 802A and 803A. Recently (4 months ago) I bought a reset 802A with 4 hours showing. The paperwork indicates that a brand new engine was installed. Frankly the entire unit looks to be brand new...
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    002A (What Mine Will And Will Not Do)

    I have been buying and refurbishing 002A and 003A generators for several years. Most of my "real world" testing has been done with 003A's, since I have two of them. I also have a 002A that I have never tested except on a resistive load bank. Several days ago I decided to see what my 002A would...
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    MEP 003A Unstable Voltage

    I have a MEP 003A that the output voltage is not stable. Most times when started the voltage is 120/240 as it should be. Occasionally when started the voltage goes to 150/300 and stays there. When I shut the generator down and restart it sometimes the voltage goes right back to 300+ and...
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    Mep 003a vs mep 803a

    There have been several posts about which one is "better" the 003A or the 803A. While each has its pluses and minuses, yesterday I load tested them side by side. I have refurbished around 20 003A's, so I think I know them quite well. The 003A I kept for my personal use is about as new and...
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    MEP 701A Governor Apparently Not Working At All

    I recently acquired a trailer with two MEP 701A generators and a generator A / generator B selector switch mounted on the trailer. All I really wanted was the trailer to mount my MEP 003A on. Lacking a current project I decided to see if I could get the MEP 701A's going. After a bit of work...
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    MEP 701A - What To Expect

    Several weeks ago someone posted and asked what to expect from a MEP 701A (016). After restoring and load testing around 12 MEP 002A and 003A generators I kinda know what to expect from them. A couple of weeks ago I came across two MEP 701A generators mounted on a trailer. All I wanted was...
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    MEP 701A (016) Broken Throttle Cable Alternative

    I recently acquired two MEP 701A generators. All I wanted was the trailer they were mounted on, but I could not get the trailer without the generators. Although I have repaired numerous 002A and 003A generators and know them quite well, this is the first time I ever saw a MEP 701A much less...
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    MEP 002A Maximum Wattage

    I have several MEP 003A generators and I kinda know what to expect from them, but I have almost no experience with the MEP 002A. All three of my MEP 003A's will easily load test to 13,000 watts without any trouble. They may produce more than 13,000 watts but that is the limit of my load...
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    MEP 003A Voltage / Phase Selectorl Box Diagnostics

    I am trying to diagnose and hopefully repair a problem(s) with a spare voltage / phase selector box off a 003A. I have downloaded every TM that is available on this site. The spare voltage / phase selector box looks to be in great shape. It is clean inside, the the reconnect switch turns and...
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    MEP 002A "Slightly Over Voltage" Everything Else OK

    As those of you who assist on this forum know, I bought 4 MEP generators in October 2013. With your generous assistance I got 3 of them running (2 each 002A and 1 each 003A). I used the 4th one as a parts donor to get the other 3 going. Lacking something constructive to do over January I...
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    Kudos To My MEP 003A

    I don't know if this is the proper place for this comment, but............... As many of you know I bought a nice looking, clean but inoperative MEP 003A about two months ago from a GL. Before that date I honestly never even heard of any of the MEP generators. Over the past 6 weeks many of...
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    Any MEP 002A and MEP 003A Generataors Left?

    Two months ago I was fortunate to acquire a MEP 002A and a MEP 003A at a GL site. At that time I honestly had no idea what I was buying or why. After two months getting them up and going I have learned a lot. Thanks to all who helped. This week I went back to the GL site and asked the person...
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