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  1. maddawg308

    CUCV bumper shackle

    Missing one of the rear bumper shackles for my M1009, if you have an extra one laying around please let me know.
  2. maddawg308

    2021 Red Ball Military Vehicle Show, Gilbert PA - Sept 24-25

    I looked though the past threads and didn't see anyone posted up about this show. Who's going this time around? Coming up next weekend, I'm already starting to get my gear ready to pack. Here's more details, here: RED BALL EVENTS
  3. maddawg308

    RIP Andrew Lukaesko - aka Scrounger

    It is with a heavy heart that I must report of the passing of one of our members, Andrew T. Lukaesko, also known as Scrounger on this forum. He has been a long-time collector of MV stuff for decades, active in the hobby and a frequent show-goer to Aberdeen MV shows as well as other local events...
  4. maddawg308

    First trip to Fair Radio in Lima, OH - vintage military radio heaven!

    I went out to New Castle, PA, to visit a friend of mine last week, had an extra day so we decided to make a day trip out to west Ohio and visit Fair Radio Sales. He had visited them a couple decades ago at their old place, I had never been to Fair Radio at either location, so this was a treat...
  5. maddawg308

    TM 9-8242, Maintenance for M345, 10-ton, 4-wheel flatbed trailer, 1957

    Operation Organizational Maintenance and Ordnance Field and Depot Maintenance for 10-ton, 4-Wheel Flat Bed Trailer, M345. 1957 edition.
  6. maddawg308

    CANCELLED: 2020 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa

    Received via email, hate to be the bringer of bad news but here's the facts: "Hello Red Ball Vendors, It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to tell you that the Red Ball Gilbert, PA show is cancelled this year. This was not our wish to cancel the show and here is the reasons for...
  7. maddawg308

    TB QM 47, Lantern, Gasoline, Leaded Fuel, dated June 1945

    The operator's manual for the Coleman 252-style milspec lantern, made from WWII through 1993. This manual is dated 1945, and covers operation, exploded parts diagram, troubleshooting and basic repair.
  8. maddawg308

    Manual for Ken Tool geared lug nut wrench for military trucks with rear duals

    This manual is the official instruction sheet for the Ken-Tool manufactured geared lug nut wrenches, used to remove the rear dual Budd-style lug nuts from the M35 series deuces, the M211 series deuces, and the M54/M809/early M939 series 5-ton trucks.
  9. maddawg308

    No. VA area down to GA rally?

    Is anyone from the No.VA/MD/So.PA area going down to the GA rally later in October? I have 4-6 geared lug nut wrenches that may need a ride down there, seeing if someone could spare a little room. Meeting around the I-81/I-66 intersection, or thereabouts.
  10. maddawg308

    Decent paint job with brush and roller - anyone?

    I remember it wasn't too long ago I met someone who painted their truck with a brush and roller - the results were surprisingly good! I'm not talking about show-grade or anything like that, but I was surprised how good it turned out. Anyone painted their military truck with a roller? What...
  11. maddawg308

    runs from GL in OH to Mid Atlantic states?

    I used to sell surplus for a living bout 15-20 years ago. Back then, I bid on auctions all the time from Tobyhanna PA in the north, as far south as Ft. Bragg in NC, and as far west as Ft. Campbell in KY/TN. I covered a LOT of area. Back when you had to bid on the auctions in person, before...
  12. maddawg308

    March 4,2017 Jim Thorpe,Red Ball Swap Meet who's going?

    Got my tables paid for, about 3-1/2 weeks away right now. Who's planning on attending this start-of-the-season event?
  13. maddawg308

    Red Ball Swap Meet in Jim Thorpe PA - March 5th 2016 - who's going?

    Got the email from Jim G. about the upcoming event. Indoor parts swap meet-n-greet, first show of the year to get people out of their winter doldrums. Who's planning to be there?
  14. maddawg308

    MadDawg's new CUCV M1009 - recovery NY to VA, 375 miles

    Well, had to get another vehicle since the Dodge is pretty much toast and can't move around much anymore. Knew that camogriz in NY state had his CUCV M1009 for sale along with a M101 trailer for a good price, thought it might be a good candidate for a semi-daily driver as well as a vehicle I...
  15. maddawg308

    information on M101 3/4-ton radio antenna support trailer?

    There used to be a pile of 3/4-ton trailers at Colemans' Surplus that were antenna support trailers. They didn't have an extendable antenna in them that mounted and extended while in the trailer, it was merely a trailer that had lots of cabling, antenna masts, a small genset, and related radio...
  16. maddawg308

    Recovery Training Manuals for M553 GOER 10-ton wrecker

    A few I scanned for those who have the biggest 4x4 in the MV world. Recovery and wrecker operation training manuals for the M553 GOER, from Aberdeen Ordnance Center, MD, 1984.
  17. maddawg308

    differences in frames between CJ2A, CJ3A, M38 and even Willys MB?

    Was there any appreciable differences in the frame design between the WWII Willys MB/GPW, the CJ2A/3A, and the M38? Or for the most part, are they the same?
  18. maddawg308

    who do you recommend for rebuilding CUCV injection pumps?

    Have a few CUCV M1009s in the area I am looking at, relatively-rust free units which I like, but two of them have IP issues, and will probably require rebuild. Do any of you recommend anybody who rebuilds these pumps, good job for a good price? I priced new injection pumps from NAPA and...
  19. maddawg308

    pickup in Portsmouth - where's that guy who was in the Coast Guard Reserve?

    There was a guy here a while back, maybe a year or so ago, who was located near Portsmouth and he was in the Coast Guard Reserve. Said he could get in, pickup from GL, and get off base in a matter of minutes, since he had a Reservist ID and just got waved in. I think he had a 5-ton M923 or...
  20. maddawg308

    any info on radio switch box SA-2237/U ??

    Have this listed for sale, someone is interested in it. However, other than the info on the data plate, I don't know much about it, and Google isn't much help either. It appears I have the only one known to man. :) Anyways, here the info on the data plate, and a pic - if anyone has had...
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