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    MC rebuild easy question

    Do I need to put brake fluid in the cylinder before sliding the parts in or a coat on them? Or do I assemble it dry and just fill after I reinstall it? I'm sure this is common knowledge to a lot of people but this is my first rebuild. I usually just replace the MC on any other vehicle if it is...
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    rear axle seal & bearing orientation

    Is this correct? Plan to put it all back together today. I don't have the seals/bearings with me to take a pic and ask so this terrible drawing will have to do. I do not have the cork or rubber insert but I will be using rtv which was explained to me in another post. Thanks in advance.
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    deuce wheel cylinder rebuild.. i thought

    I got my deuce a couple of weeks ago. I thought the wheel cylinder needed rebuilt as there were no brakes and it looked like a leak on one of the rims where you would expect for a leaking cylinder. After a few hours to get it all apart(first time) it looks like the wheel cylinder is fine. I...
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    Cribbing - May be useful to others

    I came across this. It may or may not be useful to you. Cribbing starts on pg11. I found it here And uploaded in case the link becomes bad. Also wasn't sure where to post this. I don't see a general wrenching area. If it belongs elsewhere...
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    Traveling to JBLM from central WA

    I am heading to JBLM from Central WA this week, tues or wed. I am towing back a m105. Will have space in the bed of the f350 and the trailer. Picking up troop seat kit is the only other thing that will be in there. So if you need anything picked up to save you the trip over the pass let me know...
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    CBC m105a2

    Are the cargo bed covers for m105a2's somewhat rare? I haven't personally seen one but came across a TM and was just curious. Looks like a hard top / hard cover with a door. Thanks for any input.
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    M1078 troop seats

    Do these fit on m35a2's? NSN 2540013815860. I assume they do not fit but I want to verify. Thanks for your time. Added the auction pics. Maybe someone can tell if this is complete from these.
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    Purchasing an M35A2 - probably

    I went and looked at the truck this afternoon. He told me ahead of time it needs a wheel cylinder, a couple of brass fittings for oil return line, injector line and ferrule(one is leaking). He showed me those things and hopefully it is not the IP itself and just the line and the other things...
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    5 ton i saw on CL - Question

    There is a 5 ton on CL. Looks cherry in the pics. I was wondering where I would share the info on this site. I know the classified section says not to list vehicles that are not your own. I was considering getting this truck but I have not owned any MV's and am going to take the advice of...
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    New, looking for some basic info

    Jut thought i'd say hello. I am sure I will mainly be lurking just looking for info for the most part. If I decide to go ahead and get into a 2 1/2 or 5 ton I'll probably post quite a bit more. Mainly here looking for info on parts availability, maintenance costs and that type of stuff. I'm sure...
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