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  1. BradBMI

    m1070 het transmission problems

    I have a HET with a similar problem. I drove it from Sparta WI to Long Island NY ran fine. it sat for a year now wont do over 30mph. Try changing the 15/40 first to see if it helps or since it looks burnt pull the cab then the transmission and do the job once. There are rebuilts in emay look...
  2. BradBMI

    Oshkosh MK48, any experience/owners?

    I have about 6 of the container attachments needs the connectors to the container. Can sell you a few cheal im away to April 2
  3. BradBMI

    LMTV vs 5 TON

    I have a few lmtvs like how solid the M939's are compared to the LMTV cat motor is great but too much civi parts there and not built as well. Example. A LMTV muffler rusted out where the exhaust end pipe meets the muffler. The hot exhaust blowing against the frame rail melted the air lines...
  4. BradBMI

    Ibis Tek HID 66" Light Bar on my M813A1

    I have a few of these and the smaller 24" bars 2 HID lights and 1 IR in center. The Power are in the two Large Pin Outs. The lower one (with ibis tech sticker up) is neg and top is positive. I have the pin outs have to scan If you need the plug for the unit here are the part numbers. I bought...
  5. BradBMI

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Hey anyone know what part the sensor on top of the fuel filter canister is on an M998? finishing up the M998 I received from GPLNT which someone stripped on the way. Looks like its a water sensor or something screws into the top and has a 4 pin plug which connects to a harness? Thanks in...
  6. BradBMI

    M35A3 AIr-O-Matic leak

    on ours we made up some dielectric hydraulic lines and added jic fittings - no more issues
  7. BradBMI

    HMMWV accessories/mods?

    Just received am M998 seems they stripped the main pulley and some front engine parts. Looked theu the TM's but couldn't find an exploded view of the engine. Anyone know where I can obtain? Didn't see anything on the older posts thanks
  8. BradBMI

    my M1009 wont Start

    I have a M1009 trans dosent like to shift anyone know if the vacuum line to the trans would affect the shifting? if i drive and get higher rpm she will then shift does it by itself cant shift with the gas pedal
  9. BradBMI

    mk48 night mare

    If you need help with any of the hydraulic hoses i have about 10 of the kits from oshkosh have a bunch of the radiator cores and radiator guards.
  10. BradBMI

    Welding rig I made from an M116A3 trailer frame.

    Nice Job!!
  11. BradBMI

    Sparta WI Recovery Thanks

    Picked up many trucks from them Definitely the best GL pick up location
  12. BradBMI

    Members in/near Northern NJ: Want to start up a get together/ride

    Cant make this weekend but will be in the NYC Parade Tuesday after next week we are available with a number of trucks
  13. BradBMI

    M871 Rebuild

    I bought a floor kit from these guys: The kit came with everything for a M871 deck. Wasnt cheap but it was a screw in kit precut and treated. Installed in 1 day
  14. BradBMI

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    Offloading some Ammunition Trailers
  15. BradBMI

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    Shipping the HET from WI to NY would have been $10K I drove it back $1200 airfare $800 gas $220 Tolls And K is Right driving it home is a great experience
  16. BradBMI

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    Diesel in Sparta W! was $3.29 per gallon. I took as much as i could carry! Ohio was about $3.98 PA and NJ were about $4.89 per Gallon. I just checked the receipts looks like about $729 in total fuel. Either way it wasnt as bad as I had expected. Truck had 1/2 tank when i picked it up so...
  17. BradBMI

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    $600 in fuel not that bad
  18. BradBMI

    "How to get a HET in life..." - M1070 Acquisition thread

    Just drove a het 1300 miles from Sparta WI to NYC. The HET drives like a big car 47mph was my top out but in the hills of PA it went up every hill without losing speed My butt hurts from the military no frills sheet ouch!
  19. BradBMI

    All four batteries dead... Jump Start?

    I have a Battery Tender DVD-40 dual 12v charger I use. Its expensive but senses and charges batteries great. Its brought a few batteries back from the grave. The other one is a Batttery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH 12-Volt 2-Bank Battery Management System Its 80 bucks on Amazon and charges 2...
  20. BradBMI

    Oil change nightmare!

    A ton of the piston sleve kits passed thru GL. I have to look may have some. I know I have about 50 NHC-250 injectors
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