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  1. jatonka

    MEP 005 engine gaskets

    I am looking for a place to buy an engine gasket set for the White 298ER diesel in a Mep 005 30K genset. leaking coolant between head and block.
  2. jatonka

    Deuce compression test acceptable PSI

    What would be an acceptable PSI on my military compression gauge for a LDT-465-1D?
  3. jatonka

    MBU burner for MKT Kitchen trailer

    I am maitaining my MBU burners for 2 kitchen trailers and am running out of in tank fuel filters. Can anyone help me find filters? P/N 038052-08. Measurements: 1.920 long, .854 OD, .382 ID one end. The other end is closed. Paper element with metal ends. Thank you in advance, John T
  4. jatonka

    H1 Ground Heaterparts

    I have an Engineered Air Systems H1 Ground/Shelter Heater that I use for heating my new shop and was wondering if anyone else has one and is using it? I need a coil, NSN 2920-01-102-0709 if anyone has one or knows where I could find one. It makes 400,000 BTUs of pretty clean hot air, heats the...
  5. jatonka

    Gun Truck from Upstate New York to Columbus Georgia hard ride

    I will be driving Aces & Eights from Ephratah, NY to Columbus GA starting August 2nd. I know how to get there by the Interstate Highways but I prefer using US and State roads to keep from getting rear ended and dead. I could use some suggestions on alternate US Hwys and good State roads...
  6. jatonka

    Locking Hubs for 5 Ton trucks

    I am making a few sets of hubs for my trucks. I have been waiting for years for somebody else to do it but I can't wait much longer, I'm getting old. Here are a couple of pictures. JT
  7. jatonka

    5 ton PTO out put seal

    First, I did a search. Can anyone give me a civilian part number for the 5 ton PTO output seal on an M39 deries which should also be the 800 series PTO for the forward facing out put shaft for the winch driveshaft? I bent my drive shaft Saturday pulling out a pickup built on 5 ton axles...
  8. jatonka

    5 Ton 4x4 Conversion

    I was wondering, if a person was going to build a 5 Ton 4x4 from a 923 what would people like to see for bed length and wheel base, this has been on my mind for a while. The 5 ton has so much load capacity, seems a shame to use a 105 trailer box on it when we could have a longer body with maybe...
  9. jatonka

    M35A2 parts for sale

    In Upstate New York, I have M35A2 parts for sale or trade : Nos Multifuel Radiators in the box, able to ship UPS Rebuilt Airshift Transfer Cases in the crate, FOB my place NOS crankshafts, FOB my place New Fiberglass hardtops, FOB my place NOS Liner kits for LDS 465-1A and...
  10. jatonka

    Selfridge, MI to upstate NY

    I need to get an 18,000 pound airport tug tractor hauled from Selfridge, MI to my place in Upstate NY pretty soon. It does not run so it will need a detach or Landoll type trailer. I could use some help finding someone to do this... I really need to at least get it off the base real soon. JT
  11. jatonka

    Printing EUC form to fax to GL

    I bought a truck last night on GL auction, filled out my EUC application and tried to print it to fax to them and it is not coming up on my screen so I can hit the print button. This is not good, I have to leave for COMVEC show in Chester, CT like 2 hours ago and I'll be gone for 3 days, so then...
  12. jatonka

    Deuce Dash Panel Needed

    One of my M109s came with out a dash panel, so we repaired the wiring to the guages, attached the guage wiring, tach and speedo and started to put it back in place............Wrong, the truck was a 50s gasser originally and had a dash panel ith only one large hole., There was a small dash panel...
  13. jatonka

    Something I hauled today

    This is the largest, heaviest MV I have hauled to date. With a spare 8V92 too! Some pictures attached. JT out PS, that is snow in the pictures, we still have plenty if anyone needs some.
  14. jatonka

    My M35A2 Cargo Dump Truck

  15. jatonka

    My M35A2 Cargo Dump Truck

    The truck is still under construction but now able to dump under it's own power. All the real work is done, the pto control linkage is complete and works perfect. The hoist control cable is done and works very smoothly. First time out doors so I could raise it all the way up is right now, Happy...
  16. jatonka

    Vietnam Veterans reunion July 25,26,27 Freehold,NY

    There will be a Vietnam Veterans Reunion July 25,26,27 in Freehold, NY just off NY Route 32 on these dates. Those of us who can are going to bring some trucks to share the weekend with them...maybe some more of us could swing by too.John Tennis
  17. jatonka

    Deuces on the job

    I am clearing a 3 acre lot around the corner from our shop and took some pictures of a couple of deuces at work. The dump is "Old Smokey" it's a 1964 White with a great running 427 Hypercycle multifuel. 37,000 miles and still purrs. the tanker is a 1970 Kaiser Jeep M50A2. I use it for fire...
  18. jatonka

    Wings,Wheels,and Tracks show May 17-18 Cobleskill,NY

    The Wings,Wheels, and tracks show is all set for Armed Forces Weekend at the Cobleskill Fairgrounds on May 17th through May18th 2008. This year, in addition to all of our events, we are raffling off an M35 Reo with winch!!!! The raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. We are proud to present...
  19. jatonka

    CUCV Winter Fronts

    Hello CUCV members, I now have winter fronts available for your trucks. I will be at Jim Thorpe ,PA on Feb 21 thru 23. Stop by my table. Also MTA-NJ Sussex, and ABerdeen,MD in May. JT out
  20. jatonka

    M35 Front Axle Seal Replacement

    I took an M35A2 in last week to replace a leaking front axle inner seal for a friend. This is a more time consuming and more difficult job than the rear wheel seals in my opinion. We were figuring that since we don't have the military long finger internal seal puller, we would use our slide...
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