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  1. richingalveston

    gmc ovrelander

    Here is the start of my over lander. It is not a military vehicle but works well. I lived and worked in this for 8 months while working storms in Iowa and Louisiana. It is a big foot 9,6 (short bed camper) on my 2018 GMC 3500 long bed. There is a 90 gallon diesel tank between the camper and...
  2. richingalveston

    HMMWV alternators

    I have been reading the HMMWV tm's about the alternators. I am looking to increase the electrical output on my cucv. I am considering a HMMWV 200 amp alternator but it appears they do not put out much power at low rpms. A lot of my wheeling is done at low rpms and apparently if you are only...
  3. richingalveston

    cucv belt add, 2 belts on drivers side alt.

    I am putting this out there for any one to shoot holes in the idea. looking at the HMMWV parts, the crank and water pump pully are both 4 belt. The power steering is a three belt and alt a 2 belt. I am planning to upgrade my 12volt alt on my cucv to a 200 amp. To do this I need second belt to...
  4. richingalveston

    antenna spacing

    I am planning to install 3 antenna on my cucv roof rack. A cb radio using a 3ft fiberglass whip. A 1 ft am/fm radio and a scanner radio. I do not have the scanner yet but I believe the antenna will be small. Is there a required spacing for these antenna. I am building a post and a mount for...
  5. richingalveston

    how do we show new post first

    would like to be able to see the newest post first when viewing post, could not find it in the preferences settings. Not very user friendly to have to go to last page when moving through the forums and then scroll down. any help is appreciated. Rich
  6. richingalveston

    who put the advertising in the threads

    having the advertising in the thread really makes it hard to read. every thread i open has an add in the first post and the post is shrunk to a very thin column. Can this be removed, it makes the thread hard to read and I think the add banner can be placed where all the others are. This...
  7. richingalveston

    parts pricing for a AT-6 and a BT-13

    I am helping a friend who is an insurance adjuster. We are trying to find replacement cost for some parts for a North American AT-6 and a Vultee BT-13 airplane. We have some misc. parts to find pricing on. Any one have any info on vendors for these parts. Thanks for the Help. Rich
  8. richingalveston

    1009 hood cable came loose or broke

    any one here have any suggestions on how to get the hood open when the cable is not working. I can hear the cable flopping around when I push and pull the lever in the cab. my first though is to pull the drivers side fender well out and maybe I can reach it with a hood. not sure I can pick it...
  9. richingalveston

    more electrical power out of a cucv system

    just looking at ideas for more electrical power, I was checking on alternators and have found replacements for the 27si that can go to 200 amps or more. They don't have isolated grounds so it does not help to get more 24v power but could provide more 12v power without sacraficing any of the 24v...
  10. richingalveston

    kicking around ideas for ac on my 1009

    I am looking at the possability of a roof top hvac unit for my 1009 to be powered by a 24v to 120v inverter. I like this inverter It has built in ATS and 24V battery charging when using...
  11. richingalveston

    intermittant wiper conversion

    I am trying to diagnose my wiper problem. I have a new intermittant module (ac delco) and my switch is new (LMC) I have plugged in two different motors and both act the same. They appear to work on low only (when the switch is on high) and do not park. Any other switch location does nothing...
  12. richingalveston

    high flow thermostat

    I purchased this high flow thermostat from ss diesel supply, was wondering if anyone has used it and if it worked for them. The stem is long and does not fit in the standard cucv housing but with the paradox...
  13. richingalveston

    oil cooler connection type on cucv radiator

    I am trying to connect hoses to my oil cooler in the radiator. I have a new radiator that came with some small brass flare heads with o rings on back. From what I can tell these work with an inverted flare fitting like this: Am I...
  14. richingalveston

    cucv inner fender and frame paint codes

    the search function did not help me any, nor did google. Does anyone know the paint code for the inner fenders and frame on the cucv. I want to paint my inner fenders and like the gloss paint vs. the flat that is on them now. The flat is harder to clean. just trying to get the same paint...
  15. richingalveston

    zinc oil additive

    just putting this out there for its own review. Not sure this is the right section recommended on the older engines, engine oils now are more formulated for newer engines and no longer have the good stuff for the old ones. 1 bottle each oil change recommended. I would like to get the expert...
  16. richingalveston

    timing gear removal from crank shaft 6.5

    Any one have any tips on removing the timing gear from the crank shaft. I am trying to install a gear drive and the gear pullers from autoparts stores won't fit. feet are to big to grab the groove some say (on internet) to use two jaw puller and heat it. open for any advice. cant find any on...
  17. richingalveston

    powder coat engine parts

    I am considering powder coating these items for my engine rebuild. oil pan, trans pan, exhaust manifolds, intake manifold, water cross over, The block I will paint with high temp paint, open to brand suggestions. Plan to do the long block red. All the above powder coated items will be...
  18. richingalveston

    1009 removing body from frame

    I have my motor out and front clip removed. My truck has been repainted except the fire wall and underside. While I wait for my motor I was considering pulling the body off the frame so I can refinish the underside and also change my body mount rubber out. can you get the 1009 body off and...
  19. richingalveston

    optimizer long block - hummer 24V or cucv 24v

    I am purchasing a 6.5 optimizer long block and I am trying to determine if I want to keep the cucv system of try to convert to a hummer serpentine belt system. I like the cucv set up in the fact there are no additional tensioners or idler's to fail, each device has ins own belt. It is easy to...
  20. richingalveston

    parts for sale prices

    I am seeing a lot of vendors put adds for parts in the classifieds without prices. I thought a price was mandatory. I don't want to have to pm everyone when I want price, has this rule changed or is it just not being enforced, Thanks, just trying to bring notice to the issue, you can't post...
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