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  1. timarr

    Looking for the correct color interior for M1009

    Interior can be matched with sem color coat spray can in 15063 and can be bought on amazon or a autobody supply site. 15 bucks a can , one can will do dash and both door panels.
  2. timarr

    M1009 mirrors

    movable , the glass is static in head but head should be adjustable.
  3. timarr

    Hillbilly Wizard

    My son and I met john before he became hillbilly wizard as the he started parting trucks in N.J. He then moved to P.A. which is a haul for us to stop by. John is a great guy and father to the junior Hillbilly Wizards!!
  4. timarr


    Got to show about 10 am and I do a walk through and go back to purchase big items before I leave . I guess the new trend has gotten to this show too,packing up well before the end. It wasn't raining,wasn't hot? guess vendors decided they made enough money. This is why sales are going to the...
  5. timarr

    45th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally Militaria Flea Market 10-12 May 2018

    My son and I drove down for a few hours on thursday and walked the aisles. It was a bit spread out for the amount of vendors but it was the first day and many of us have jobs. I was lucky to have the day off. We enjoyed ourselves as usual . Good to chat with some old and new friends. We walked...
  6. timarr

    Alternator testing at advance auto

    the reason for my post was to take a know cucv si27 isolated ground alternator to advance and use their test bench and how to hookup to check output .
  7. timarr

    Alternator testing at advance auto

    I spent some time today to test my 5 spare alternators . Went to advance to use their test bench. The code you need is p7157 which is the code for a 80s 100amp si27 alternator. use electrical connector c. hook up 2 wire c connector in its spot, positive to positive post and ground wire not to...
  8. timarr

    "Popping" noise in front end

    Also check out the the rear shackle for the front leaf springs. The bushings wear out and leaf moves in the shackles.
  9. timarr

    Need a little tech advice on alt rebuild

    Small post between the two is a tach pickup for the ICE system on drivers side alternator which is no use to us. I m sure it needs to be conductive with other posts to read rpms..
  10. timarr

    What is this plug for?

    Thats the water in fuel diode. Theres is other under the dash for the gen2.
  11. timarr

    Fort Dix, NJ Commercial Gate

    Saylors pond rd gate is the right gate. Many signs are posted. If you go to wrong gate base police will give you info. It's northwest corner of original dix base by wrightstown.
  12. timarr

    Fort Dix, NJ Commercial Gate

    Saylors pond rd. checkpoint #9 Northwest side of base
  13. timarr

    Yukon Men Show and CUCV

    Stan I did catch the show the other nite. I enjoyed seeing Johns sticker on your rear window, hes a great guy! I m sure he would he that mount you need.
  14. timarr

    2017 mta spring show april 22-23

    My son and I went today and its always a fun time even with the rain. Met a few few old friends and made a few new friends! The bargains were to be found and came home happy! Thank you Lance and Hawkman!
  15. timarr

    Sussex Show---Need two small items transported to SC or vicinity

    I m going as far as Martinsville V.a. in the coming weeks which is on the N.C. line if that helps?
  16. timarr

    2017 NJ MTA Sussex Buy, Sell Trade Thread

    lance, Looking for the m1009 pintle assembly, bracket,pintle complete? will be at sussex and aberdeen.
  17. timarr

    Aervoe paint by the gallon

    I was told by two local sellers its not sold by gallon anymore.
  18. timarr

    working on a M1031 few questions on the gas driven generator

    Its TM-9-4940-421-14
  19. timarr

    working on a M1031 few questions on the gas driven generator

    Mike, Sent your old man the TM for it. Its a m887 body.
  20. timarr

    1008/10/28/31 lug and nut?

    dorman 610-189 3 inch long for rear, 610-563 for 3 inch front
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