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    Do we have an official Bobbed Deuce picture thread? If not, here it is! Post em!

    Try opening an attachment in a new window via right click. I did that and all images started to display properly.
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    Should I buy this M1009 for $2000?

    Hmmm,check your email brotha:-D
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    glow plug for hvmee in m1009

    Hmmm, 24V glowplug conversion and upgrade from the dumb CUCV 12v box in the process(wheels turning). Oh well might as well throw an Optimizer 6500 in there while we are at it(sarcasm). The M998 system is longer lasting and more reliable in cold weather,right? Maybe AllenEM can break new...
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    CUCV vs excursion, F350, or other pick up for bug out and snow vehicle.

    I think ideally anything with solid axles and non electronic engine and trans would be suitable,even a gasser built before HEI or duraspark would fit the bill but my real question for the bugout types is: Where in the hell are you going to get fuel for these bugout vehicles once you are enroute...
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    Should I buy this M1009 for $2000?

    That is kinda what I am thinking. Any tips on what to look,listen,smell for? I don't have a flatbed ready so I will be driving out there in my jeep and using the CUCV to tow it back home about 300 miles:shock: I have never seen a good looking 12v conversion in 20 years of looking and no two of...
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    Should I buy this M1009 for $2000?

    I was looking for an M1008/M1028 and found this daily driven but poorly civilianized M1009 "hunting rig" for sale instead.It looks like there has been some electrical monkey business going on in the engine compartment and under the dash but the owner assures me it...
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    City is Messing with my deuces.....

    In South Dakota? That seems like the last place in the world a bunch of leg waxing nancy men would bother a grownup over his military truck hobby.
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    Any body got pics of an M109 with Super Singles(395/85R20 preferably)

    Ooops! Just realized that I posted this in the Deuce Forum instead of the Hotrodding Forum.All of you purists please take some comfort from the fact that I am not going to bob this particular truck and it will still be pretty original other than the big tires once I'm done working on it other...
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    Any body got pics of an M109 with Super Singles(395/85R20 preferably)

    Hello There,I have been lurking and looking for a while and have not seen a single pic of an M109 with "Super Singles" and preferably some 395/85 R20 tires.Beside just wanting to see how it looks I'd also be interested in any mounting or clearance issues any of you "Been There, Done That" types...
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