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  1. Leonardo82nd

    Help identity HMMWV cover: no PN / CAGE / NSN

    I’m needing help identifying this HMMWV cover. It did not come with PN or CAGE . NSN photos attached
  2. Leonardo82nd

    MEP1040 warning code

    I am thinking about purchasing an MEP 1040 from a local guy. The control panel screen reads: Fault : 1433 local E-Stop warning 365 (if could be 366 the photo is super blurry) maintenance item is active Genset Mode : Emergency Stop I scoured through a few manuals but I was not able to...
  3. Leonardo82nd

    Fuel Stop Solenoid MEP802A or boot

    Has anyone tried these fuel solenoids from eBay ? They are Everywhere (coming from China I believe) OR even better , is there a place I can order a New boot that will work ? pics attached .
  4. Leonardo82nd

    Leak: Thoughts before degreasing and diagnose

    MEP803a new to me, is leaking diesel. I filled with a little diesel (all I had on hand) hit the dead crank switch, turned the master switch & it runs nice . except it was covered in diesel after I turned it off. (oil filter side only) I plan to clean her up and pinpoint the leak, thought I’d...
  5. Leonardo82nd

    MEP831 new controller , started yesterday- won’t today

    New governor controller installed , cracked up manually no problems . Ran perfect yesterday. today - attempted to start manually again, and would not crank so I added a little diesel , and battery’s . Now will not start , just clicks . Video link below . -emergency stop pulled out -Circuit...
  6. Leonardo82nd

    Cable uses

    Figured id post this in generators. Since the 8 pin came with an MEP. Can someone please explain the uses, differences and specs between these two types of cables; aside from male female. Thank you.
  7. Leonardo82nd

    Is this a well nut leak , or ?

    Is this a well nut leak or , is there an issue with the tank it self . The area around the well nut still had dust around it .
  8. Leonardo82nd

    22.5 (6 lug) downsize question

    Currently running 22.5“ . Can I downsize these trailer wheels to a size that conforms more to a passenger towing truck. A standard trailer size wheel (6 lug 15” )or even 20”. Is that a simple swap or does it require some kind of adapter ? Understandably I may loose a little load capacity, not a...
  9. Leonardo82nd

    Leak , where do I begin looking

    Ive had the TQG in storage, and noticed today theres a slow leak. (it took a few months to get this saturated) Diesel? And where do I begin the fix . Thanks in advance.
  10. Leonardo82nd

    Stater fuse mod parts

    Evening , I’m needing to purchase the 3 amp fuse + holder & metal oxide varistor. (Big thanks to @CallMeColt YouTube video for the instruction and part numbers) But, I do most all my ordering on Amazon. or even Auto part stores (auto zone, O’Reilly, Napa) I have not been able to find the exact...
  11. Leonardo82nd

    MEP831A won’t turn off only when disconnecting battery

    My MEP831a will not turn off . The shut off button will not stop her . I have to disconnect The battery for it to turn off . Other then that , no issues . Any suggestions.
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