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    This weekend I put my deuce in a fair truck pull. When done, I let the clutch pedal out and it didn't move. Next morning still wouldn't move. I adjusted the linkage and was able to get it to move and drive it home. I saw the throw out bearing was wanting to spin. Adjusted linkage a bit more and...
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    Turn signal switch rebuild

    My turn signals quit. I replaced the flasher. Then noticed a small amount of smoke coming from the switch. Also heard a click under the dash I'm assuming was a relay tripping. Can the switch be cleaned? Have not taken it apart yet. Or Does it need replaced. Has any one ever used a aftermarket...
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    Transmission install

    Is there any tips and secret info to installing a m35 trans mission? I have it up in close. But just can't seam to get the pilot bearing and splines lined up. Thanks.
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    I have a noisy M35A2.

    When driving. It's very noisy. More so than normal. Very chattery, rattling . As soon as I depress the clutch pedal all the noise foes away? I've been told throw out bearing. Front transmission bearing. Jack shaft loose or bad u joints. Rear drive shaft out of balance. All that said where do I...
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    side window parts and a question

    I need two sets of the thin metal that holds the passenger and driver side roll up window rubber in place. I have new rubber molding but since I built the quad cab I need another set of the metal that's used to mount the rubber. There are a few different model trucks and probable more I don't...
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    Drive line angle

    I have a carrier bearing and a slight vibration. Any ideas how to change the angle to solve this? Rear of trans is 3° up. Front shaft is 1° down. Rear shaft is 0°. Front of to tandem is 1° up.
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    Fuel Gauge

    I have a 87 m35A2. When I turn the power switch on, The gauge reads what the true fuel level is. When I start the truck the gauge goes to "F" full. Any ideas? Gauge? Sending unit? Thanks for any help.
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    Master cylinder replacement, 1987 m35a2c

    Hi. This is Bill in pa. Im finally replacing my master cylinder. As I said I have a 1987 M35A2C. Was a U.S.A.F. truck. Has duel air paks I ordered a new one based on what the truck is. The one my wife is holding is the new one. The other is the one that's in there now. What do I need to order...
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    now you see it, now you don't

    you don't. truck parked in the same spot just a different angle
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    Looking for opinions

    I know im leaving my self open, but im asking any way With stars on the doors or with out? This is just tape. Its a 4 door so it's obviously not original.
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    Turn signal ?

    Ive read a bunch of threads and havent sean what Im getting. With all bulbs in and turn signal indicator on the light stays solid bright green. But nothing on the outside lights. If I remove ALL the exterior bulbs it will now blink bright green, BUT does not go completely out. Dim then back...
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    window trim

    Hi all bill in pa here. 1987 m35a2c. I bought new rubber window rubber molding. Its the stuff that when you close the door with the window up. The window hits the rubber molding with the formed metal. Does anyone have, or know where I can get, or does maybe some one reproduce the metal that...
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    Horn assembly

    Sorry to post again. Does someone have a clear photo of how a deuce and a half horn button goes together? I have the wire through the column with the connector on the end. I have a horn kit but I have no clue how to put the pieces together. Maybe the updated horn button version is a better...
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    brake and turn signal lights.

    Hi Bill in pa here Im having some light issues. My turn signal comes on and stays on, NOT blinking. I have a good ground at the lights. signal switch and the blinker unit. I have power to the blinker, so Im thinking its the blinker unit not doing its thing. Any thoughts or help? Also have no...
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    Master Cyl Source

    Hi Bill in Pa. here. As you may know I have a 1987 M35A2C Dual circuit Master cylinder. As I said in a different thread I bleed my brakes and the pedal will firm up then fades away. Thinking its the master cylinder I'm going to get a new one. Question is. I've seen them from $70 to $170. Is the...
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    Brake fluid help

    Hi all. Bill in pa here. Need to bleed my brakes. I opened the brake master cylinde and this is what I got. The cup with all the bubbles appears to me to be either water in the silicon brake fluid or D.O.T 3or 4 mixed in with the silicone. The gray looking cup is where I added water and mixed it...
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    Camo painting

    For the guys that have painted camo before. Can you please explain how to mask and get that nice full coverage of paint but still keep the faded edge. I'm thinking masking tape and roll the edge back to get the faded edge. Seams like be hard to gut smooth lines from not wanting to bend For the...
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    deuce fuel line question

    Hi Bill in pa here. !987 M35A2C What are the function of each fuel line. There are 3 different sizes. LARGE.... I pretty sure is the feed from the pump. MEDIUM....? SMALL...? One im guessing is the return? One im guessing is a vent? Lastly... Are the fittings standard size go to the hardware...
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    who was it that

    made a crew cab and added to the back of the frame? I know I saw the thread and pictures. If who ever it was that did it sees this Id really like to talk to you as you now look back on that decision. Im trying to decide should I lengthen my frame, moves the tandems back and not shorten the...
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    Quad Cab

    Hello Bill in Pa here. Started my Quad Cab Build today. Got the cab apart and cleaning up all the spot welds. Should be able to sit the cab second cab on tomorrow
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