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  1. J

    Has anyone welded 2 M1101's or M1102's together?

    I did. Was not as cool as it sounded. Sorry, no pics.
  2. J

    My M101A3 & I got a question?

    Beds are also different with the A3 having the gussets inside and outside. The A2s I have seen are smooth on inside walls. A2 frames also lack the corner gussets on the frame.
  3. J

    M1101 Troubleshooting Bearings\Brakes - Terrible MPG Towing! What should I inspect?

    I notice you left Toyota off the list ;)
  4. J

    M101A3 Trailer Rim Size

    Just saw your question Anthony. My guess is that those would be close to the outside of fenders. Another thing to consider is the inside bore fitting over the hub. I didn't see the diameter listed in the link. Just check CL for 8x6.5 GM wheels. They are usually pretty easy to find and not...
  5. J

    M1101 Troubleshooting Bearings\Brakes - Terrible MPG Towing! What should I inspect?

    I doubt you will see much improvement from just lubing the bearings. It is good you did it though. Like others have mentioned, I too have seen some strange things when pulling hubs on these trailers. Not using cruise will help. Using the tow haul mode is probably better for truck but will...
  6. J

    M1101 Troubleshooting Bearings\Brakes - Terrible MPG Towing! What should I inspect?

    Probably a combination of the following: 1. Its a Ford 2. Wind Drag 3. Driving style/terrain Depending how hard you are pushing it, I would not consider 10 MPG out of line. I am happy if I get 13 mpg without a trailer, but I have a real truck that is made in TX. :)
  7. J

    M105 lowered.

    Looks great. I would like to mod a 105 someday
  8. J

    M101A3 mods for Jeep/off road

    The surge break on the 101s are junk. Like mentioned, they are not free backing so that is a deal breaker. You will also find the bulky actuator assemble will interfere with tailgate. The best features of these trailers are the axle/suspension and parking breaks IMO. If you go as far as an...
  9. J

    M101A3 Trailer Rim Size

    Ok, I missed the link and now see you are going to keep the 8x6.5. I put GM 16" wheels on mine. They are 6.5" wide with 5" backspacing. With 245-75-16 (31" x 9.7") tires, they are perfect fit for the outside of fender (~1" inside the folded under lip) and would not personally go with a wider...
  10. J

    M101A3 Trailer Rim Size

    The drums "may" be able to be removed from hub without removing the hub but I would not expect it. It took a lot of force to separate the drum from the hub when I did it (felt like drum was press fit onto the hub). I doubt you will have much luck finding an 8 lug 15" wheel. I am guessing you...
  11. J

    M101A2 shock replacement

    It was mostly the brand and published specs. Back when I was looking, I was tired of calling around getting questions about what vehicle the shock was off of. If they were not posted online, no one seemed interested in looking through the specs to find what I wanted. I came across the Rancho...
  12. J

    Rear stabilizer leg installed....?'s

    I have a few laying around. Shipping is not cheap though.
  13. J

    Moving 20 ft Conex containers

    Tandem Loc is a company that makes the corners, locks, etc
  14. J

    M101A2 shock replacement

    Yes, good shocks make a difference on these trailers. I have tried a few aftermarket and like the Rancho RS5226 the best.
  15. J

    M101A3 brake vent cap with tube

    I might have one in my parts pile if you are still looking.
  16. J

    Rebuilding MY m101a2 BY harleyhouse

    It is wise to keep the drums and hand brakes if you dont plan to swap the axle. The parking brakes are probably one of the features I like most about these trailers. Should be standard on every trailer. Put a caster on the landing gear and they are very maneuverable by hand on hard surfaces...
  17. J

    M101A3 DTY Steel Stakes uprights.

    Nice find on the rectangular tube. I could not find any that size. The stopper is the spring clip. Some are welded to the inside some to the outside...... I made mine into channel so it would slip down and rest on the floor of the trailer. Seemed stronger and had less wobble. How do you...
  18. J

    Mounting a spare under my M1102

    Nice install. What does that do to the tongue weight? I used to put a spare tire in the back of tub so I could stand the trailer up on back end (to work on wiring) and it would stay on its own.
  19. J

    M101A2 axle capacity

    I agree prob a standard 7K axle that is just down rated on paper to match the spring capacity and other components.
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