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    6.5L TD 4L80E Surging Idle when in Drive and Hot

    I haven't been able to find a thread with a similar issue, so am posting my own: my HMMWV 6.5L TD and 4L80 surges when at idle but in Drive, but only when it is well warmed up. Cold the motor/trans holds idle fine when the transmission is in Drive. When the motor/trans warm up, and I come to a...
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    Removing/Unscrewing Badly Corroded Smart Box Plug

    I was tracking down a flashing Wait light and figured out it was the grounding wire to my Nartron box. What happened is the rubber mounts for the box had crumbled and then let the bolts slack up. I intended to remove the box (batteries disconnected of course) and add rubber bushings all...
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    200A 24V/12V Alternator Question

    I'm on my second regulator and still not getting 12VDC output. Can anyone tell me if the alternator make BOTH voltages, and needs both regulated, or does it only make 24VDC and the regulator or some other feature in the circuit converts 24V to 12V or something? This is my first dual-voltage...
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    4L80E Control (Modulator) Housing Connector part #?

    On the off hand chance anyone knows this, I'm trying to find a replacement male 37-pin connector for a HMMWV 4L80E control box. I've searched various manufacturer's websites and catalogs for Amphenol mil-spec connectors, and found plenty of 37-pin versions, but none with what appears to be the...
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    Source for HMMWV M998 Heater core?

    Having trouble finding one. AMG doesn't have one, and HPG says the old school A0 one is discontinued. I'm sure AMG didn't design a heater core just for the M998, and reused something from Detroit. Anybody know which one? Bulldogger
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    Known Manufacturers of HMMWV Soft Covers and Tops?

    Besides Breton Industries, does anyone know the company names of any other military (especially Humvee) soft top and cargo cover manufacturers? I am looking for a company interested in taking over making my soft slant backs. I just don't have time, but hate to think they would die with me (so...
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    New to me M116A2, former TPQ-36(v)7 Radar Trailer

    Picked up from CARMAN this weekend. Looking forward to a hopefully quick rehab and putting it to use. Much lighter than my M101 and once repaired will have surge brakes. I’ll be doing some searching here to find the part number for the brake reservoir and master cylinder. Fingers crossed the...
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    HMMWV Mirror Alternative Options?

    Having rubbed my passenger side mirror off on a tree at the Graves Mountain rally earlier this month I am looking for replacements. I don't care for the military options, especially in that the captured nut in the HMMWV mirror will eventually rust and I won't be able to adjust the mirrors as...
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    1960's M101 Wheel Bearing ?s

    I have a 1962 M101 and need to inspect and repack the wheel bearings. The available TMs here and elsewhere online are for the later models that use the simple bearing cup grease cap, not unlike the modern M116's or what have you. The older model has a 6 bolt cap in the middle of the spindle...
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    Clunk when shifting between drive and reverse, or vice versa

    My ride sometimes clunks, sometimes doesn't. I'm not familiar with the cause of this, and wonder if it's something I can address outside of a trans rebuild. (Please don't say it's a trans rebuild, oh please.) My ride is a stock 1987 M998 with 6.2L NA and standard drivetrain. All fluids are at...
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    HMMWV 4-man Soft Slant Back Feedback and Discussion

    While my Prime account is in processing so I can post to the classifieds, I’ll open this new thread to allow for new thoughts and conversation to go beyond my original thread for development of this concept...
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    HMMWV 4-man Soft Top Slant Back

    I've begun making a soft top for the bed of my HMMWV, in a slant back design. I know that covers exist which extend the roofline back to the tailgate, but I wanted a sloping appearance more like the fiberglass slant backs. I'm not aware of anyone making or selling these, at least not in a...
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    Convert M116 (or similar) Flatbed to Cargo?

    I have a line on a flatbed generator trailer in good condition for $500. It has, or had, good tires brakes and wiring. Problem is I need a cargo trailer, like an M101. Is it worth the fuss of trying to make a cargo bed on top of the generator bed, or should I go with my gut and just wait for a...
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    Fan permanently clutched in after steering pump replacement

    I noticed after a few driving sessions following the installation of a new steering pump on my Humvee last weekend that the fan is always clutched in. This means that the fan changes speed with the motor. It also means the engine takes a long time to get up to operating temperature. It doesn't...
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    1987 6.2L Weeping Coolant Between Head and Block Front Left Corner, how to fix?

    I mentioned this in my HMMWV rebuild thread but don't think anyone noticed, so putting it out here. I've noticed what appears to be a new tiny bit of weeping between the head and block at the front left corner of the motor. Tiny, tiny bubbles when it's running. I don't think it's using up...
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    HMMWV 6.2L Odd Oil Pressure Behavior Now

    My 1987 M998 has been doing fine. We went to Graves Mountain and had a blast last month. Acted odd yesterday, so bear with me while I try to give you experts all the information I can... Coming home Sunday evening from TheCaptain's place, I noticed after a long haul (25 miles maybe) at...
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    Long cable coming out top left rear of transfer case, what is it?

    I was under my HMMWV last evening looking for the source of the intermittent grumbling/rattle (I feared it was from the transfer case due to the position and this pained me to think about). Underneath the beast I spotted what looked like a long black sheathed cable coming out of the top left...
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    Humvee horns

    Mine is shot. Barely actuates and sounds terrible when it does. My horn button is also shot. Only works some of the time. I see a member with some horn buttons here. But I don't see any horns for sale. There are a lot of threads here about horns for deuces, but not much about the Humvee...
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    Geared Hub drain, inspect and fill. How to?

    I've searched and can't find specifics on this on the forum. I haven't settled my mind yet as to whether it's possible to drain and fill the hubs with the wheels on the HMMWV. I'm working my way through the LO and it isn't clear to me in looking at the illustrations in the LO and TM if it's...
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    Inexpensive HMMWV Fuel Tank Drain Plug Replacement

    I wanted to share with those considering replacing their stock fuel tank drain plug that I found an excellent alternative at Advance Auto to replace my near non-functional plug. I drained the very old fuel in my new-to-me Humvee this weekend and noticed that my old drain plug could just be...
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