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    MAINE "Offroad" registration law change

    So this is happening in Maine!!! It won't take much for them to follow the Colorado move and declare military vehicles as being designed for offroad use.... These Blue states.... “‘Off-road vehicle’ means a motor vehicle that, because of the vehicle’s design and, configuration, original...
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    Anyone with an A1 near me in Ohio?

    Looking to lay eyeballs on an A1 engine in or near NE Ohio area. Thanks!
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    The Brewser Build - 1998 M1079A0

    It'll take a while to upload all the photos I took as I started the build on Brewser in 2018. Any questions, please PM me - always willing to share. I just retired from my 2nd career as a Career Tech instructor after 29 yrs as a Mechanical Engineer and will be working in my shop on numerous...
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    Plumbing a water cooled turbo on a 3116?

    Has anyone installed a water cooled turbo on a 3116? Where did you tie into the system? Garrett recommends the heater hoses.... Pics please!
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    Marker light gaskets

    New, exact match, die cut .131" neoprene closed cell foam with double sided adhesive Single gasket $6 mailed, Set of 9 pcs $50 priority mail Sets of 14pcs shipped Priority mail $66 Sets of 21pcs shipped Priority mail $92 For larger quantities contact me via PM or Models...
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    My M1079 is a 1998. Is there an easy way to identify which controller it has? TIA.
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    LMTV/FMTV Steel Grille - custom direct replacement.

    I'm excited to be able to offer a custom aftermarket steel grill option for the LMTV/FMTV This grille is made entirely of 1/8" thick steel. I am offering them in 4 different levels with additional options. Options: 1) 1/8" thick laser/plasma cut Faceplate only - can attach to the fiberglass...
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    My latest steel grille for the LMTV!!

    Finished this custom grille today. All steel construction, 1/8" thick material, direct fit replacement for the LMTV/FMTV grille. Or, if you prefer, the A0 style... These grilles are 100% made in America. They are laser cut faceplates to accurately match the original. The compound...
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    CTIS is working!!!

    Thanks to @NV555 for a new controller harness, @Steinmeister for a 60psi controller, @FMTV-Parts for the working PCU. All in all this was worth the diagnostics! 1) The PCU had a sticking valve. Seals were dry rotted so removal in order to clean the valve was ok, but no seals available. 2. The...
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    M1079 question

    Do the steel plates on the floor and walls of the Command box serve a structural purpose? Or can I just remove them? They don't line up with anything.
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    TM with very good CTIS troubleshooting procedures

    Please add this to the TM's
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    Repair kit for CTIS PCU?

    I found a sticking poppet valve under the Supply solenoid upon teardown of the Pressure control unit. The cup seal at the bottom was also dried out. Can any of those parts be found? I looked in the TM and didn't see a breakdown on the PCU.
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    Continental hcs 14r20?

    These tires were on the winning truck class in the Dakar. Has anyone tried them, or any Continental truck tires? Michelin has weak sidewalls.... Goodyear's go egg shape... There has to be an alternative
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    LMTV M1078/79 Fan Clutch Hose

    Some motorpool wrench tightened the bottom fitting till the hose rubbed the pulley.... PN 12420062-001 Anyone have one or should I just go to a local hose shop? Thx.
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    Parking Brake not engaging '98 M1079

    I've done some reading in similar topics, but as a new LMTV owner I'm still not sure what my next steps are. following through those posts...
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    1998 M1079 Models?

    Would love a model of my M1079... I see M1078's regularly :-(
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    Start button

    1998 M1079. What is the voltage and current draw across the red start button contacts? Thanks!
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    1998 M1079 drivers door latch mechanism needed

    The drivers door has been stripped on the truck I just got. There is no window regulator and all the mechanism and latch are MIA. I dont want to leave this unlocked sitting out so leads to parts are appreciated. PM please.
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    proud new owner of an M1079

    I just purchased a 1998 S&S M1079 with the intention of converting the box to a comfortable camper/RV living space. Any input and advice for priorities are appreciated. I currently offroad and overland in my 08 FJ Cruiser with an RTT.
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