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    Looking for alternators 6,2 Diesel

    thanks, this one should fit
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    Looking for alternators 6,2 Diesel

    it is confusing, I get the same FALSE alternators displayed as those from Rockauto. In the picture above where the two parts are side by side you can see the difference...
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    Looking for alternators 6,2 Diesel

    Hi, I`m from Germany and need alternators for my 1984 K5 M1009 6.2Diesel. Ordered the N729412 from Rockauto. These do not fit, the housing has a completely different shape. Rockauto is the cheapest, fast shipping, and I can pay the customs fees in advance. Can anyone give me an part number of...
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    adjust pump timing 6,2D

    Hello, I must check pump timing on my 1984 M1009. As far as I know, the previous owner installed a 6.5 pump, but the engine runs quite loudly/rough . The injectors are renewed, that brought no improvement. You can hear it a little bit in this video starting minute 2:12: I have a "flash gun"...
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    looking for brake parts CUCV 1984 M1009

    thanks for the help so far, I will definitely get back to you with questions. Thanks to all.
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    looking for brake parts CUCV 1984 M1009

    Hello from Germany, I would like to renew the brake system on my 1984 M1009. Here in Germany I do not get spare parts, I would order them from Rockauto. However, there are 2 different brake shoe sizes listed for the rear drum brake: 11" X 2" and 11-5/32" X 2-3/4" . Which size is the correct for...
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