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    need to move a m109 from curtisville mi. to clio mi.

    I think I lost a cam in my 109 and it won't run long, but I can move it around the yard and onto a trailer if needed. Don't have a lot of money but i can pay for the fuel and your time. I want to see what it will cost me and if I should just leave it at a friends house for now. Thanks.
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    need advice, think I popped a piston :(

    OK I took my m109 on a 280 mile road trip this weekend, used it as the rv I turned it into and everything was great. Well about 20 miles from home I stopped for a cold drink and heard a knocking sound, Thought at first it was a rod but the thumping is coming back out the intake. I drove it home...
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    rear exhaust to a stack help

    Ok I have a m185a3 with the na multi with mid exhaust lol, it goes from 4" into a muffler and out into 3". I want to change it to a stack setup due to the sute I have all over the back of my truck. Any sugestions on hwo to conver it? anyone have one there parting out or throwing away? All I...
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    ft. campbell

    Was wondering if anyone was near here that can check on a couple of things for me?
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    2 phase m109?

    I was trying to wire up 115 to my m109 threw the main switch and ran into a problem. I had 115 my heater I had in the box wouldnt work off the plugs, I brought the same extension cord I was using to power the truck in and the heater worked fine. After looking at the wiring diagram for awhile and...
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    m109 electrical connections

    Hi everyone, just started working on my 109 to turn it into a camper for hunting. I have a question, I did a search and seen nothing on it so I have to ask before I tear into the electrical. what are the plugs on the right front of the cab for? I know the two prong one is the 115 in, but what is...
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    stupid newb question sorry

    Ok just won my first m109 and was wondering about singling it out. Would the stock tires work? I've seen m35's do it but didnt know if the extra weight of the 109 box would be too much. I know I should do it right and go with 11-20's or 395's but just cant do it right now. I could just leave it...
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    GL listing errors?

    Went and picked up a M101a1 and what we thought was a m116 with a mep-002 gen set. All went well on the pick up and the guy helping was nice enough and helped get everything. Well went out today to mess with the gen set to see whats all needed to get it running and was looking it turned out to...
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    Hi guys new guy with a couple of questions.

    First hello to everyone I've been looking and reading a lot sense I've found this site, and would like to say I like it but I also hate it ;). I have a new way of spending money now. lol. Second I picked up a m101a1 and a m116 with the gen set here in michigan and need help with what I need to...
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