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    MEP 531A Fix-up Thread

    Howdy all, Been a while since I started one of these! Got myself a MEP 531A at auction. Definitely had a bunch of hands in it, but, I got one of the best deals that was had in a while on one. I knew right away the breaker was pushed into the panel and the cover over the gauges was...
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    Fan Clutch Solenoid Aftermarket Replacment

    Aftermarket replacement for the fan clutch solenoid that tends to go bad & start to stick and/or leak & can't be found at a reasonable price to replace.
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    MEP-016B Injection Pump Jammed

    Everyone, I am currently trying to get a MEP-016B generator running. I confirmed I am not getting fuel on the high pressure side of the injection pump due to it being jammed. I want to remove it but it was left in the "off" position so that is where it's stuck. In the workshop TM...
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    L.I.P.S. Fix-up Thread

    Howdy, Got myself one of the L.I.P.S. (Lightweight Independent Power System) generators a few days ago. Seemed complete so I went to look at it with a battery & some fuel. Started up & made power so I made the buy. The model on the tag is 30D36R. Did a bit more testing of it today...
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    M1078 LMTV Fix-up Thread

    Howdy, Going to start another one of my fix-up threads to document what I do to my recently purchased 1998 M1078 LMTV! Got it with the trailer for a very good deal. Drove it home with no problems except it being a slug compared to my Super Duty. Has ~11,500 miles. Overall very...
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    US Thermal MFX 2705 Field Water Heater

    Howdy, I stumbled upon a few of these for sale. Thinking that it may be a good option to get hot water out at my off grid place. I use my MEP-802A as a power source so I would have 28 volt power source along with plenty of diesel. Just wanted to see if anyone here has hands on use...
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    Yanmar L100V Help Request

    Howdy, There are a few pieces of military equipment that run on the Yanmar L100V engine. I'm working on one of these engines & am having a hell of a time figuring out my problem. I have an engine with a fuel cut of solenoid on the injection pump. I've confirmed fuel is getting from the tank &...
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    MEP 501A Fix-up Thread

    Another one of my fix-up threads! Got myself another MEP 501A generator. Hour meter says it has 16 hours if it is working. Pull start handle is missing along with some of the fuel lines & fittings. That's typical of units like this that has sat around outside forever. Going to dig in & at...
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    PAD125A Fix-up Thread

    Howdy all, Starting another one of my fix-up threads! I shearched a bit & found no threads on one of these. Got this surplus pump that was sitting in a military surplus scrapyard for who knows how long. It doesn't have any plates with any numbers on it. Just a few things spray...
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    MEP 831A Fix-up Thread

    Everyone, Yesterday, I picked up a MEP 831A generator set for $400. Has a little enclosure damage. The upper fan unit was missing. Pull start was removed due to the rope breaking. The positive wire side for the battery was cut. Solar charger wires & the upper fan wires were cut. Moved it by...
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    M116A3 Fix-up & Conversion Thread

    Making this thread to document what I have done to convert my newly acquired M116A3 over to tow with my civilian truck. Also wanted to document repairs I have done & sources for parts. Got the trailer to mount my MEP-802A on & add my own things to make it an easy tool for power & fuel at my off...
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    MEP 802A Fix-up Thread

    Everyone, New member here. Finally got myself an MEP 802A for use at my off grid place & as backup at home. Going to document what I do to it here. I have $200 in parts on order for repairs. Going to do some step-by-step videos & upload to YouTube that I will share here for the...
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