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    How long do you store your diesel fuel

    Two years ago I could buy red diesel fuel at $1.49 a gallon in bulk. Since I live on a 550 acre tree farm with 5 antique tractors, that I use on the farm, I filled a 1000 steel tank with red diesel fuel. I added a bio-cide when it was bought and I add bio-cide every 6-8 months. There is a drain...
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    Need Injection Pump For MEP-003

    Delk's in Asheboro, NC have (had) rebuilt IP's. I bought two. I used one and I put the other on the shelf as a spare. If you find one, your MUST mate your buttons to the new IP.
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    MEP-002A Start Switch/Fuel level indicator

    Delks in Asheboro NC has (used to have) just about everything you would ever want for 002 and 003 generators at half the price of GMG. I drove up there several times and WOW! Give them a call. I do not have the phone number, but I assume GOOGLE can help.
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    "MEP Generators Versus Father Time"

    I have one 803A , two 003A's, and one 002A. I am no expert but IMO the 002A and 003A seem to "weather" time better than the 803A and 802A. I think this is because the air cooled units have fewer parts and are simpler in design. The big issue with the air cooled units is NOISE.
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    “Load and behold”

    I bought several 4500- 5500 watt water heater elements. I fill a 55 gallon plastic drum (with the head removed) with clear tap water. I put how ever many elements in the water and load test the generator. If I want to load test a generator for a long time, I just put a water hose in the bottom...
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    802a Hard Start - Thoughts?

    This is not normal. I have a 803A with around 1500 hours. It will start without glow plugs within a second even if the temp is 25 degrees. I know my post will not help you find your problem, but it will give you an idea what to expect from the 802A and 803A generators that are "working right".
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    MEP 802A Aux fuel tank option

    Attached is my 003A with a military surplus 100 gallon aux SS tank. This tank with the built in 13 gallon tank gives almost 5 days running without refueling. I used two brass hose barb fittings, 7 feet of 3/8 fuel hose from NAPA and two SS worm clamps. Total cost was less than $15. I added a 24...
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    MEP 802A Aux fuel tank option

    The male fitting on the Facet fuel pump is either 1/8 or 1/4 male pipe threads. Install a brass 3/8 hose barb to it. Ditto on your fuel tank. Install a 3/8 fuel hose between the fuel tank and the Facet fuel pump. Fasten the hose with a SS worm clamp on each end. I guess you could use 5/16 fuel...
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    Mep spin on oil conversions

    On 802A and 803A generators a Fram PH8 oil filter will fit and work on the standard filter mount. It is at least twice the length of the OE filter and I assume the filter media inside is at least twice the filter area too. If you do not like Fram oil filters, use any of the MANY others that will...
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    Removing MEP-802A Crank Pulley

    Often using an air powered impact wrench (carefully!) will loosen a "stuck" bolt when a wrench or a "pull handle" and a socket doesn't work. The hammering action of the impact wrench will often remove a bolt when other methods won't work. Again be careful. Start out at the lowest torque setting...
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    Cheaper fuel pump for MEP-003 found!

    If you do not want or need the two pumps in series, there are several other options than the OE ($260) Facet pump. Looks like you found some that can be hooked in series. Good idea.
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    Looking for 70-1599 Diode Mep 005a or 006a

    I agree with "kloppk".. Over the last 30 years I have (tried) to restore many generators, radios, etc. IMO this is just a common bridge rectifier. For a few more cents you can by one rated for 1000 volts instead of 400 volts. This is just a little more safety factor. From the circuit diagram it...
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    MEP-003A stalling under high load test?

    On the 002A and 003A it is easy to remove the injectors. It is a 5 - 10 minute job. I sent them to a poster on this site. I forgot who but I think he replied to your post that he still checks and repairs injectors.
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    MEP-003A stalling under high load test?

    Did you ever check the 4 injectors? As I posted earlier I restored around 30 generators. Several had similar problems. Every one had one of more injectors not "firing" properly. My two 003A's and one 803A will run three 5500 watt water heater elements for a few minutes without bogging down. This...
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    MEP-003A stalling under high load test?

    I hope that stuff works. If not it is rather easy to remove the injectors. I sent mine to a person on this site. I do not remember who. I guess he is still on the site. He did a great job and was not pricey.
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    MEP-003A stalling under high load test?

    Over the years I repaired and sold around 30 002A and 003A generators. I kept three for my own use. You have a lot of good info here. If nothing mentioned here helps, I had similar issues on a few generators that I repaired. One or more of the injectors may be "squirting" instead of "spraying"...
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    MEP-003A stalling under high load test?

    I have two 003A generators and one 002A. Both 003A's will run 15+ KW and the 002A will run 8 KW. I do not recommend running them at these power levels for a long time, but they WILL do it.
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    MEP 003A not getting 240v

    Also, after un-sticking quite a few of these switches, I recommend spraying a LITTLE WD40 or some similar electric contact cleaner / lube (if you do not like WD40) on the switch yearly. Then turn the switch periodically.
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    MEP-002A Left Connected when Main Power was Restored

    I am no expert but I am an electrical engineer. I have made a life time hobby of restoring HAM radios and old broadcast and shortwave radios. A good silicon diode will show around 0.6 ohms in one position and near infinite resistance in the other position. The best way to test the diodes is to...
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