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    Anyone in New Jersey want 2 cheap M103 trailers?

    I won 2 power distribution units (2 trailers with 4 MEP-803a’s), located in Verona, NJ. With fuel rates it’s not worth it to ship the gennys with the trailers but I can ship just the Gens thru FedEx with my corporate account. I need someone that can pick up the trailers, dismount the Gens and...
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    MEP-803A: It Runs, It Generates, but it won’t shut off

    So I bought this 803a as a non runner with 1000 hours on it. I had it delivered with about 25 other machines and it did not have the exhaust flap on it which subsequently got water down the exhaust and ending up in the crankcase mixing water with the oil. I drained all that out and added fresh...
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    MEP-804b Potentiometer/Voltage adjustment

    MEP-804b question: On the MEP-804b, is the potentiometer knob/assembly the same from an 804 to 805 and 806? I know it needs to match the VR whether is be a Libby or TRC but other than that, can I rob one off an 805 to use on an 804?
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    MEP-802a Power on only 1 leg?

    I have an 802a with only 34 hours with an issue I’ve never seen. Searched the TM and didn’t find an answer either. Got the generator all serviced up and it purrs like a kitten. I have power on all lugs it’s supposed to on 3 phase but when I have it set for single phase 240v, I only have power on...
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    Anyone near Fayetteville, NC to pick up 2 Gens?

    I have an MEP-802A mounted on a trailer (pintle hitch) and a second MEP-802a skid mounted that I need to get picked up before they are considered abandoned. Covid put me in the hospital for nearly a month which really put me behind. Anyone near here?
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    MEP-803A no start

    I have an 803a and a 802a with what seems to be the same issue. They will both crank but no start. I have fuel coming thru the injector pumps and up to the injectors. I do not see any leaked and both units have the upgraded electric fuel pump. Is it common for the injectors to get clogged up...
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    75902lv Master Start Switch for MEP-80x Gens. Who has one for sale?

    Looking for the 75902lv master start switch from electroswitch. I have 2 Gens (805a) that I need one for and it doesn’t seem that the big bid site has a current seller with the right switch. I contacted electroswitch and ordered 10 of them but they have a 5 week lead time. I need at least 1...
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    Assistance Needed: MEP-803a will run for 15 mins and quit

    Got an 803A that I’m having some issues with. Gen has 33 hours on it. Picked it up last week and when I start it, it starts fine and runs great for about 10-15 mins and then peters out like it’s out of fuel but the tank in half full. Changed both the fuel/water separator, small fuel filter, and...
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    MEP-803a Fuel Solenoid Ear Broke

    I have an 803a genset where the ear that the fuel shutoff solenoid connects to is broke. My question is have you guys seen this and what’s the easiest way to fix? Machine came to me this way so I don’t have the broken ear. Picture should be attached. Any ideas?
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    MEP-806A won’t flash/excite

    So I have an 806a with about 300 hours on it. Machine starts up and runs great. Once running, it shows about 49 hertz and 80 volts with an undervoltage light on. With that I figure it just has to be excited so I turn the start switch to start for a couple seconds and nothing. Gauges dont bounce...
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    803 Secondary fuel filter cartridge/element/canister won't seal

    I have an 803 that I just picked up. Replacing all the filters and I for the life of me cannot get the secondary fuel filter canister/element/filter to seal and not leak. It just pours fuel from the around the head of the bolt it looks like. When I took it apart, of course the spring went flying...
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    No Start Issue on MEP-804B

    bought a set of trailer mounted MEP-804B's with the Yanmar Turbo engine. First one only had 87 hours and once I put fresh fluids in it, started and runs great. Ended up selling it to a mobile BBQ food truck. The second set I'm having issues on. It only had 1000 hours on it. Put fresh fluids...
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    MEP-805B won't start even with ether

    Have a 2002 805B that won't start even when I spray ether. I just bought this machine and I've never seen it run. Has 550 hours on it. I've replaced the fuel filter, manual primed it, ensured fuel was getting to the injection pump and still nothing. Doesn't even cough like it wants to start...
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    MEP-806A no hertz, no volts, engine runs great

    Been messing with this 1993 Libby 806a for the past week and I'm to the point where I may just part it out. It looks like it has a new regulator(Libby) but I'm suspicious of the transformer. The transformer I think says 400hrz on it which appears to be wrong. The part number on it is 19390 which...
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    MEP-806a Temp Gauge Electrical Connections

    Got a MEP-806A in and it didn't have the temperature gauge in it. Bought a replacement gauge but can't find in the TMs or on here which post on the gauge each wire connects to. Does anyone have some guidance or reference for this? Thanks?
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    CMOS Fault MEP-805B

    Back again with another generator. This time I have a MEP-805B that has a red error light in the back pane. Looked it up in the TM and it says CMOS voltage is not sufficient. My guess is that due to this fault is why I'm not getting any hertz or voltage. None of the TMs have any troubleshooting...
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    MEP-805B no hrz/power readings

    So I'll admit from the start, I'm not an electrical guru by any means. I've researched the TM and can't seem to find the issue. The issue I'm having is no hrz or power readout of any kind on the digital screen. Genset is a 2001 with version 1.1 onboard. I tried to excite the field by holding the...
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    ISO Gauges and Generator Parts

    I have a few 1993 MEP-806a's and needing some parts to get them back to FMC. Listed below is what I need: 2 Temp Gauges 1 Panel Starting switch 1 Oil Pressure Gauge 1 Fuel Gauge 2 Exhaust Flappers 1 Control Panel Door/cover 1 Upper Radiator Hose Its my understanding that the gauges are...
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    MEP-802a leaking fuel.

    So I have a few of the mep-802a gensets and on every one of them I've had to replace the braided low pressure return line. No problem. On one of them though I have this rubber boot with a hole in it squirting fuel. What is this piece called? Also, do I have to buy the metal caps and hardline as...
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    MEP-802A Need Help with fuel leak

    So I have a few of the mep-802a gensets and on every one of them I've had to replace the braided low pressure return line. No problem. On one of them though I have this rubber boot with a hole in it squirting fuel. What is this piece called? Also, do I have to buy the metal caps and hardline as...
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