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    Can MEP 002, 003 or 803 Gens run without batteries

    I recently saw a video where a guy jump starts his MEP 803 with a 24 volt jump pack, he has 2 remote starter terminals installed under the slave plug. He says starting this way saves on wasting money on batteries. My question is does anyone know if it is safe to run the MEP 803 or 002, 003's...
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    Reset MEP-002a won't stay running more than a minute

    I have an MEP-002a that was reset and had 2.8hrs on it. I have tried to get it started numerous times, it will run the first time for about 2 to 3 minutes then gradually starts to die. If I run it after the initial 1st time it will not run for more than 1 min almost exactly 1 minute. I have...
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    How do you do an initial setup of an MEP-003A

    Can anyone list the proper procedure from start to finish on the best way to get a new MEP-003a which arrived with no fluids or batteries from GL ? I want to make sure I don't miss some little step that may be critical.
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    Mep-002a & mep-003a gen head

    Just curious if the gen head on an MEP-002a is the same one as an MEP-003a? I have an MEP-002a I want to take apart and have sandblasted and powder coated is there anything I should be aware of when taking it apart or reassembling? Don't want to mess it up by making a basic or stupid...
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