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  1. andyindy

    diesel fuel pump

    I have a yannmar powered 1 1/2'' fuel pump that leaks the fuel its pumping. It has a mechanical seal, the faces are good, not chipped or worn. However the spring that applies pressure to the halves is cocked. Is this normal? When assembled the faces do flatten against each other. Its a Scott...
  2. andyindy

    M51A2 repower w/ DT466

    Multi knocking in lower end, like it but looking for something more dependable. Found a Jasper rebuild DT466 w 20k on it for cheap. 190 hp version, inline pump, all mechanical. Had one in a single axle dump, was a great engine. Also running ''special blend'' fuel in a d436 IH tractor engine w/...
  3. andyindy

    M51A2 down

    Just getting ready to put on some new used tires I just got from Bobr yesterday,took her out for a spin first, and lost the engine. Bad knock in the lower end,oil pressure normal, no oil in water, no water in oil, not getting hot, engine not missing at all. Restarts as normal. Was a GSA...
  4. andyindy

    Salt to dewater wmo?

    I have heard of this but has anyone here actually done this? I have a tote that I collect all the WMO drainings from my settling tote in and it looks like an emulsion. If I can get the water out, I think this would again be useable fuel. Also if it would work I would use this as an integral...
  5. andyindy

    porter cleaner

    Needing wiring diagram for a porter pressure washer, model mil-c 45996. NSN 4940-01-025-9856 Mounted on a 101 A2 w/ 701A generator. Did a search, no luck. THANKS, Andy.....
  6. andyindy

    water trailer

    What is the difference between a m149a2 and a xm106e1 ? Thanks, Andy....
  7. andyindy

    M35 A2C Ip on way out?

    Having trouble with ol greasy fluttering or choppy sounding at low idle when starting to give it some throttle. As RPM'S come up, it smooths out. At road speed it not as noticeable. Seems like when under light loads it is when it most noticeable. On harder pulls it doesn't do it. Is a pump...
  8. andyindy

    reeling machine

    Anyone familiar with a J & H Smith reeling machine, #RL-172 A/G. Weighs about 150 lbs, has a 28 v dc motor 1/4 horse. Original use was for telephone wire. Would like to use it to wind up high tensil fence wire. Anyone know if is stong enough to reel up fence wire? Also no reels with it, any one...
  9. andyindy

    ID Mack engined M 54

    Does the Mack engined M54's use the same right fender mounted air cleaner as the multi's? Any way to id one from pics? I know they use a overdrive tranny and from data plates,but no pics . Thanks for any help. Indy..............
  10. andyindy

    M332 relay valve

    Are the relay valves sized to the trailer they are on? My m332 relay valve arrived on trailer broke,(thanks GL). I have come across one from a M 200a1, other than the fittings being located differently, would this work? Thanks, Andy....
  11. andyindy

    Mep 005a

    Tried the search function and tm for MEP 005A, no luck, probably doing something wrong. Needing # for fuel filters, napa # would be great! Bought one at a municipal auction today, filters were gone, but cans are there. Would like to try and slave it off tomorow if could find filters. THANKS Andy...
  12. andyindy

    Member stranded in Lodi Oh. NOW!!!!!

    Doc Farmall and his Dad are stranded in Lodi Oh. at a T.A. truck stop at I 71 & I 76 w/ head light issues. They are 250 /300 miles from home, and are in a 915 A1. Head lights keep tripping out. Anyone able to help or offer advice? Docs ph. # is 812 756 3106. I know he'll appreciate any help/...
  13. andyindy

    Andrew @ WP

    Andrew is A OK!!!!! GL let two other good guys get away, Dave and Brian. I hope GL does better at retaining compentent personell like Andrew!!!!! Jim was working the gate and checked us in. Don't know if he is with GL or not, but he is A OK also. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. andyindy

    Duplicate account

    Just won two bids at Columbus yesterday, sent in EUC at end of auction. Just now tried to log on G.L. and said account was suspened, no more info. Went to live chat w /Hedi, who stated I had a dupilcate acct. WTF? She stated that mgmt. would be in contact to decide the outcome. OUTCOME OF WHAT...
  15. andyindy

    Head gasket,what else to check?

    Well, I've joined the blown gasket club, one of the Frankfort trucks is leaking. I have the new style set and going to have the heads planed. My question is should the head studs be repaced with new ones? This engine is a continental, so its is an older one. I know some manufactures recommend...
  16. andyindy

    M 35 trailer brake

    I have put a "jockey handle" from a M275 tractor on my M 35 to control brakes on 20 ton drag. I have the air supply to the valve from under the dash hooked up and believe this is correct, as used original plumbing from donor. I traced the service line from the rear of truck up to air pac. It...
  17. andyindy

    Bakery trailer

    Sorry no pictures. How rare are baked good's trailer? Trailer is a single wheel, 11.00x20 tires. M 537? chassis 2.5 ton, has the older single wheel landing gear and the older style tail/ black out lights and a leveling jack at each corner. The oven? is 12 ft. long and resembles in principal the...
  18. andyindy

    Multi Adapter Box

    This is what i came up with to pull civilan trailers,still have to change the bulbs but this box adapts to all my trailers. Next step is to put a reducer in each leg if they make such a thing. Brakes on trailer are no problem because they are all air brakes.:-D Andy...............
  19. andyindy

    How much do you drive your bigger MV

    I work 7 days on and 7 off, and try to drive it to work at least once every "round". About 40 mi. round trip. When I'm off around the farm, every day, or every other day at least.The only exception is teens or colder,since I don't have a block heater or otherwise yet , and don't like to start em...
  20. andyindy

    fuel pump and filters

    Picked this up at a forestry service auction, and going to modify for WMO. Unit has a 24v pump,fuel filter/water seperator and 2 40ft? hoses on reels. Going to use one side for suction and other for discharge. In addition wanting to add a 50 micron filter setup ahead of seperators/filter. Pump...
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