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  1. silverstate55

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Would like to give many thanks to Bryan & Derek at Colorado Springs GP yard…. Back in October I met with 98G there to swap some trade items & pick up some auction winnings. Bryan and Derek were extremely helpful and were able to forklift off items from my trailer so 98G could hook them to his...
  2. silverstate55

    United States of Freight (USF - Site Sponsor) Kudos!

    Just wanted to give a solid THUMBS-UP to Nick at United States of Freight....I highly recommend using USF to move military vehicles and equipment, because if you’re using a broker service like uShip, you’re doing it wrong! Nick is fantastic to deal with and handles every little detail for you...
  3. silverstate55

    M939A2-series Fuel Prime Fixes (No start, lost prime, won't start)

    Is your M939A2-series 5-ton truck refusing to start after sitting overnight or longer (losing its prime, lost prime, no start)? Will it start on one tank but not the other? Tired of having to manually prime your IP (Injection Pump) to get your truck started? Well then I hope to put most of...
  4. silverstate55

    Nellis AFB (Nevada) Petting Zoo

    I never knew Nellis AFB had a "petting zoo!" Recently I got to go on a guided tour of areas of the base I've never been able to see before, including walking the flightline and getting up close & personal with various aircraft flown out of the base. At the end of the tour, we were asked if we...
  5. silverstate55

    M931A2 5-Inch Exhaust + Heat Shield

    Finally got around to finishing my exhaust conversion and adding a heat shield to the muffler. I used 5-inch steel exhaust tubing and elbows, along with a Donaldson single-stage muffler. I made my own adapter brackets that would bolt into stock exhaust/muffler locations, yet allow the muffler...
  6. silverstate55

    Lindsey97 & 98G: THANK YOU!!

    I can't thank members Lindsey97 & 98G enough for all of their recent & ongoing help for me. Lindsey97 has been picking up & storing items from OKC GL warehouse for past several months; he promptly answers all texts, emails, PMs, is very quick to pick up items, and stores everything safe &...
  7. silverstate55

    A2 CTIS TMs

    A2 CTIS TMs (TM 9-2320-272-34P) Question While troubleshooting my CTIS system on my M931A2 and trying to find part numbers for possible replacement parts, I noticed that the -34P in the TM section of this forum is dated 1988 and only covers M939/M939A1 trucks...while doing a search of the...
  8. silverstate55

    M939 Homemade Battery Relocation Project

    After installing a driver's side air-ride seat in my M931A2, my wife refused to ride in it any more until I installed the passenger-side air ride seat...which meant relocating the batteries out of the cab. I couldn't manage to find a NOS battery relocation kit nor box for a price I could afford...
  9. silverstate55

    Oklahoma City, OK: 2 Wooden Crates need to be picked up

    I won 2 large wooden crates (with 2 USED vehicle seats inside each crate) out of GL's facility in Oklahoma City, OK, and would like to know if any members can swing by to pick these up & hold them for a few weeks while I arrange a transport company to bring them west. I will be happy to pay for...
  10. silverstate55

    MonsterJam World Finals XVI & So. NV Military Vehicle Association

    The Southern Nevada Military Vehicle Association ( was contacted almost at the last minute & asked to provide some military vehicles for the Pit Party display at the recent MonsterJam World Finals XVI (Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV; March 25-28, 2015). 108 monster trucks and their...
  11. silverstate55

    M1070 HET + M1000 Trailer: Las Vegas, NV

    DIELCO Crane Services in Las Vegas purchased a M1070 HET last year and replaced the transmission; the owner was gracious enough to allow one of our local Chapter members to borrow it for local parades & shows as long as it wasn't being used on a job. It is in amazingly good shape and has low...
  12. silverstate55

    Thanks jarhead1086 & Gunzy!

    A debt of gratitude goes out to members jarhead1086 & Gunzy for recovering my M796 Bolster Trailer from Hill AFB in the dead of winter; especially when I found out that the landing gear didn't work, and they had to lift the tongue of that heavy sucker to hitch it up to Gunzy's 5-ton! A special...
  13. silverstate55

    1600+ miles in a Deuce

    Last week my Dad & I took my Deuce on a long road trip to Oklahoma City, OK, and eventually to Dry Creek, LA. I had won several items in OK City, as well as an M931 tractor in Fort Polk, LA, and wanted to pick them all up in one fell swoop. We left Utah for Las Vegas, NV, and then...
  14. silverstate55

    Many thanks to Jeepsinker!

    Garrett, aka Jeepsinker here, picked up an M931A2 I won out of Fort Polk for me; he did some work on her to get her roadworthy and parked her on his property awaiting my pickup. Garrett was very honest and helpful, he answered all of my questions and was very patient with my nitpicky...
  15. silverstate55

    New-Style (Short) Airpack Teardown & Repair with Photos

    Since the TMs show where these new-style, short Airpacks are located and how to remove them, I'm only going to focus on what the TMs and other printed literature don't cover. I've searched high and low but haven't been able to come up with any kind of drawing, schematic, or instructions for...
  16. silverstate55

    New (Short) Style Airpack Rebuild Troubles

    My truck's Airpack (new, short-style) had an issue several months ago with the air-slave cylinder, where it caused brake pressure to be applied while driving and the brakes were dragging. I removed the Airpack and rebuilt it with a kit from TNJ Murray. I took photos as I went along and I...
  17. silverstate55

    Herlong, CA (Sierra Army Depot) to Las Vegas, NV

    I won a pallet load of 12 HEMTT wheels (20x10) at Herlong, and would like to see if I can get it picked up & transported to Las Vegas, NV or partway and I can pick up outside the depot/along the way back to Vegas. If someone can pick this load up for me & remove it from the base, I'd compensate...
  18. silverstate55

    Thanks again to 100DollarMan & DUG

    Many many thanks to fellow members 100DollarMan (aka Hundy) & DUG. Hundy held some multifuel engines & a radiator for me until I could pick them up, and cut me a sweet deal on a Deuce transmission. He was kind enough to let us come by on a Saturday to pick them up, and had his son Brian load...
  19. silverstate55

    My 2 G506 Trucks

    - Edited -
  20. silverstate55

    Divided by Zero

    M105a2 - Edited for inappropriate language -
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