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  1. crazyplowboy

    Strata Blue Deuce Pics?

    My 53' was origionally a strata blue Air Force truck under the 5 layers of OD and CARC. I have been trying to decide what color scheme to repaint it recently. I have been leaning towards the 3 color CARC for ease of touch-ups down the road. I have started to repaint alot of the small parts as...
  2. crazyplowboy

    M261 NIKE Guided Missile Trailer Pics?

    Does anybody happen to have any pictures of an M261 NIKE Missile Trailer in use, or at least one that has been restored? How rare are they? And how much are they worth? I found a trailer in a friend of the family's barn yard, the data plate says XM261. I haven't heard much about them in the...
  3. crazyplowboy

    Antifreeze squirting all over

    I checked my coolant level yesterday and it was down about an inch, but I said good enough and did not fill it up. Today I drove it for about 30 minutes and when I got home noticed antifreeze on the drivers side fender. The fluid was coming from the cap. I let the truck sit for about an hour and...
  4. crazyplowboy

    Should a new fuel pump sound like a food processer?

    I just put a new fuel pump in my truck this evening, and when I turned the switch to see if it was working I heard a sound like a food processer chopping up a pine tree coming from the fuel tank. It makes a grinding sound , but every once in a while the grinding sound will go away and it will be...
  5. crazyplowboy

    Fuel Pump Problems

    Pump died todayaua Does anyone know where to get an intank pump? If not does anyone know how well the external pumps work?
  6. crazyplowboy

    Charging Deuce Batteries

    Is there such a thing as a good way to charge the batteries in the truck, or should I take them out and charge them one at a time? I am looking into buying new batteries at the moment, but due to some issues right now do not have the time or money. I want to charge the batteries that are in it...
  7. crazyplowboy

    Caused an Accident Already

    Today I took my Deuce for it's first LEGAL drive. I got my truck last month but have been waiting for my insurance. Since picking it up i have been spending all of my free time tinkering with it. Changed all of the fluids, filters and fixed a few things. During a month of "playing" with it the...
  8. crazyplowboy

    hydraulic fluid?

    has anyone ever tried running hydraulic fluid in their multi? a friend gave me a five gallon bucket of brand new hydraulic fluid that he has had sitting in his guarage for a couple of months. he has no use for it so gave it to me and said to try it out as fuel, but i thought i would ask for a...
  9. crazyplowboy

    air leak under dash

    I drove my deuce to work and home today with no problems. After supper I started it up and heard a hissing sound. After looking everywhere if found the culpret. There is a switch or distribution block of some sort located just to the right of the steering column. There is a wire going from the...
  10. crazyplowboy

    Insturment Panel Question

    I picked up my deuce on Saturday, the title says it is a 1948 FWD M35A2C which has me wondering. It has a multifuel with a C turbo for sure. The motor and trans were put in it during 1992. The insturment panel that is in it now is too big and the tach is there but not hooked up. The panel...
  11. crazyplowboy

    Thinking about getting an M35A2

    I've been wanting a deuce since i saw my first one at a museum when I was 5. I found one last weekend about 50 miles away and can't stop thinking about it. The guy wants $4000 for it, it runs great, has no rust to speak of, and seems to be a good deal to me. But I really don't know much about...
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