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  1. maddawg308

    CUCV bumper shackle

    Missing one of the rear bumper shackles for my M1009, if you have an extra one laying around please let me know.
  2. maddawg308

    saving military communications gear at hamfests

    Those units I did not buy, only some stuff in this thread I purchased, the rest is just a showcase for items I saw at the hamfests.
  3. maddawg308

    saving military communications gear at hamfests

    It's been some time since I updated this thread with my military radio finds at ham radio swap meets, and since now it's a new year and I'm getting back into the swing of things, and starting to visit some more hamfests, I'd like to revisit this topic a little bit. Perhaps get you interested in...
  4. maddawg308

    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2022

    Will get the form filled out and sent in. I've already started tearing into the M1009 CUCV to bring to the rally!
  5. maddawg308

    13-15 May 2022 , Maryland, 48th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally, Wings & Wheels plus Militaria Flea Market

    It was great seeing all my friends again at the show, sorry I only got a few hours on Saturday to spend this time around, but new job and not enough time off to spend three days set up there. Saw some great vehicles though, and even got the mini-me to come with and walk around a bit. Love the...
  6. maddawg308

    Official Hagerstown MD May 12-14 2022 sell/trade/wanted list

    I will be there as a spectator only this time around, on Saturday morning, due to work schedule. I am looking for a few things to complete my M1009 CUCV, need: 1. Spare wheel rim and the associated parts to mount the spare inside the back. 2. RT-524 radio, R-442 receiver, mounts, two...
  7. maddawg308

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    Make war, not love, it's safer.
  8. maddawg308

    Vintage pics of M809s at Aberdeen Proving Ground

    Hard to believe those workhorses are 50 years old already.
  9. maddawg308

    A Hens Tooth Up For Auction

    Someone who will soon be living in it, once the missus finds out what he spend the retirement money on. :LOL:
  10. maddawg308

    Temporary wheel swap to get M149 home?

    Good job in being prepared for your recovery! Got any pics of the water trailer in question? Bonus points for pics taken during the recovery....
  11. maddawg308

    New member Northeast Texas /52 GMC M135

    That's what I might be confused about. Thanks for the info...
  12. maddawg308

    New member Northeast Texas /52 GMC M135

    Looks great for a 70-year-old truck! It amazes me how long these rigs can last! That bed is a hard one to find in good shape - most have been removed or replaced by now. Anyone notice these "straps" welded onto the sides of the bed at the wheelwell opening? I thought it was more squared off...
  13. maddawg308

    New Member from ny. M201b1 barnfind restore.

    Dude, that's a neat truck project there. Subscribed! so I can follow your progress..
  14. maddawg308

    Fall 2021 Rausch Creek Rally

    Unfortunately I'm out. Just started a new job, still have the old one too so I'll be working 80 hours a week for some time, including weekends. Have fun guys, hope to see you in the spring.
  15. maddawg308

    47th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally, Air Show & Militaria Market, October 8 - 10, 2021

    Had a great time, me and the little one came and sold some odds and ends, books and ammo cans and whatnot, made some spare change to buy more stuff I can actually use. Weather was fair and with a light breeze, it threatened to rain Friday and Saturday, but not a drop was seen both days. Good...
  16. maddawg308

    47th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally, Air Show & Militaria Market, October 8 - 10, 2021

    Okay turnout and the weather is okay. Lotsa good deals and I'm happy I get to see my friends again! Love the aircraft displays from the museum, too...
  17. maddawg308

    47th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally, Air Show & Militaria Market, October 8 - 10, 2021

    If anyone is going to the show this coming weekend, I am looking for a spare rim to fit a M1009 CUCV, mine did not come with a spare. I understand they are different than the ones for the M1008 variety. Doesn't need to have the tire, since I will be updating my tires anyways, I only need a rim.
  18. maddawg308

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - September VOTE HERE!

    I don't know about you, but I'm really diggin' that M35A2 that Aussie Bloke has. I think the whole "let's put giant tires on it and make everything shiny" thing has been well overdone in recent years. Something can be said about just a nice, original configuration truck in a decent standard...
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