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  1. Corvette1974

    (2) XM211 Available

    Hey guys, Not really a classified ad but I have a lead on two XM211 trucks that are in "all there but rough/sitting" condition. Going to be scrapped if not taken soon. The owner wants scrap price for them, one with plow/one with winch. I am interested in the winch truck but if someone else...
  2. Corvette1974

    14 Bolt Rear Open Conversion?

    Hey guys, Its been a *while* since I've been on here and my poor '28 has been sitting for over a year now. Long story short, as I converted the truck to an NV4500, I need to delete the locker in the rear. What are my options for doing this/what is the easiest method to accomplish this...
  3. Corvette1974

    Turn Signal Issue

    Hello, My truck has developed an interesting issue with the turn signals. All bulbs are fully lit, some are new, and the flasher module is new with a HD mechanical one. The system seems to blink too rapidly - not a hyperflash, but in between the hyperflash and a normal flash. Any thoughts on...
  4. Corvette1974

    Transmission Options?

    Howdy all, I have done some searching on the forum and there are some answers, but not really directly related to this topic. I have no issues with the current transmission in my A2, don't plan on doing anything crazy...but are there any drop-in-ish options for a real OTR transmission...
  5. Corvette1974

    3LJ-319 Whistler Turbo Rebuild - Thrust Bearing Direction?

    Hello, I am rebuilding my turbo right now and I found one discrepancy in the turbo rebuild process. When I disassembled the turbo (which looks like is has never been done) the thrust bearing was facing the brass part towards the inside of the turbo (where the main bearing is. However, in this...
  6. Corvette1974

    MEP-015a Low Voltage

    Hello, I have an MEP-015a generator that has always ran fine and puts out plenty of power. However, it has always put out slightly low voltage, even if the voltage adjusting knob is at full adjustment. The voltage is about 115.5 at no load. I went through the military TM and checked out each...
  7. Corvette1974

    Slip Yoke Engagement - NV4500

    Hello, Quick question - After swapping to my NV4500 (over a year ago now) I did notice that the driveshaft was slightly (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch) less engaged into the transfer case. I feel it is now engaged too little, and I think it is starting to wear on the output shaft bushing (there seem...
  8. Corvette1974

    Blown Head Gasket?

    Hello, So I am pretty sure that the head gaskets are toast in my M35A2. When I got the truck there was plenty of oil seepage surrounding the head area, even after I wipe it off, it always came back. The truck is turned up pretty well, only peaking at 11 PSI boost and will only peg the pyro on...
  9. Corvette1974

    Cat 3116 Swap?

    Hello, I am not planning on doing this, just throwing around some ideas. Would it be possible to swap a Cat 3116 engine into an M35A2 and have it bolt up to the stock 3053a transmission? From what I can see, the 3053a uses an adapter to go from SAE 2-3, so as long as the Cat is within those...
  10. Corvette1974

    Vibration/Noise - Bad Transfer Case?

    Hello, I just took my deuce to the NYC Veterans Day parade, and had an amazing time! It made the journey no problem, but on the way home, it started to make some sounds/have a vibration. The drive was about 65 miles each way, so everything was well up to temperature. The truck has a high...
  11. Corvette1974

    Driveshaft/Axle issues?

    Hello. Long story short, my deuce has been having drivetrain issues. First it started with finding metal in the rear axle (still haven't messed with this yet) Second, the driveshaft vaporized as I was going down the highway. Took the parking brake with it. Put a new unit in and it works...
  12. Corvette1974

    Master Cylinder Copper Washer leak

    Hello, I recently installed the brake remote reservoir kit, and ever since then the master cylinder cap has been leaking at the crush washer connection. I have cleaned the mating surfaces and even completely sanded down the crush washer so it has no imperfections, yet it still leaks. I cannot...
  13. Corvette1974

    Metal in Rear Axle?

    Hello All, Just changed the fluids on the M35. All of the fluids came out as expected - dirty and slightly metallic, probably hasn't been changed since 1990 overhaul. The rear axles were definitely the dirtiest with the most material on the magnets. The rearmost axle actually had two pieces...
  14. Corvette1974

    Adjusting Valves - retorque head nuts?

    Hello, New Deuce owner here - Will make a thread when I have time haha. I am adjusting the valves right now, and was wondering if I should do anything else while I am there, like maybe re torqueing the head nuts? The head gasket seems to have some seepage on the outside of the block, no...
  15. Corvette1974

    Buying a Deuce - Any hints?

    Howdy, I am going to look at an M35A2 this week, I have watched every deuce video there is, read every post I can.... what do I need to look for that I might miss when I check out this M35? It looks pretty clean and the owner says he drives it a lot. Any special ways to check for bad head...
  16. Corvette1974

    NV4500 AA Clutch Slave problem

    Hello, I have a slight problem with my Advance Adapters clutch slave cylinder bracket. First, I had to cut the tube part and half the length of it so the slave boot and hardware could even fit on. And the slave when compressed upon install, would constantly be putting pressure on the throwout...
  17. Corvette1974

    NV4500 Pilot bearing vs Bushing?

    Hello all, Real quick question. I'm installing an NV4500 into my stock M1028 with an Advance Adapters bellhousing. It comes with a pilot bearing, and so does the clutch kit. I have a new pilot bushing laying around, too. Which should I use? I've heard the pilot bearing is not as good because...
  18. Corvette1974

    NP208 Input seal Replacement

    Hello, I am installing an NV4500 in my M1028, and am resealing the NP208 so as to not have any fluid mixing between the two. What is the best way to replace the input seal on the NP208 without tearing the entire thing apart? Or should I just destroy the old seal and press the new one in (aka...
  19. Corvette1974

    Extreme Cold - Diagnose IP?

    Hello, Just looking to bounce some ideas off of you guys. My dad was driving the other day when we said the truck sputtered out while moving as if it had ran out of fuel, not a "dead kill" type situation - it wanted to keep running if that makes sense. It has been extremely cold here in NJ...
  20. Corvette1974

    NV4500 install in stock M1028?

    Hello, I'm interested in installing an NV4500 into my '86 M1028. I feel Like I have read every article available online and on SS but still cannot find this answer. Will the install work in a completely stock truck? Mainly with the external slave to front driveshaft clearance, that seems to be...
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