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  1. Big CASE

    Looking for some things . Tents & Trailer

    HI Yall, I'm looking for a Tent & M1101 with tarp SM/M GP with a floor something for 4 maybe 6 people. Canvas Shelter Halves tents OR the NYLON MATERIAL ones with a floor and air vents M1101 with tarp and bows , Iam looking for a nice one .I don't care about color ,tan or green Iam in west...
  2. Big CASE

    CuCv 1028, Bench Seat Help

    Ok yall need some help here . were can i find a CUCV Truck M1028, New Bench Seat / rebuild kit / foam top and bottom . I have all the seat frame to reupholster if I can just fine a KIT . Thanks
  3. Big CASE

    need info on M923 ,Big case

    Hey all , I needed some info on a M923,A1 or A2 . I'm get back on to the MV Again , as some of you know i had a M35A2 w,w. but I have forgotten my info on 5-tons . needed to know the deference in M923A1 and M923A2. and the operation of the 6X6. i have been poring over the TM'S. but just needed...
  4. Big CASE

    Big CASE. from Fl

    Hey everyone. Just saying hello again. I've been gone for some time but now im back. And kicking. Hoping to see and here from some old Friends. Ill be looking for some new toys to play with again.
  5. Big CASE

    Injector pump

    Dose any one have the TM for a deuce Injector pump. I have try to use the the site TM to look it up but it is not working right now . just like to have a tare down info , so I know I am doing it right . Thanks
  6. Big CASE

    JEEP BEACH, Daytona FL 2010

    Hello every one , I want you invite you you all to a Show at the Daytona International speedway in Daytona Beach, FL on May 14,15,16 2010, JEEP BEACH 2010 . MID FLORIDA JEEP CLUB OK here is the New's as of NOW ..... on MAY 14,15,16 2010 we ( Mid Florida Jeep Club ) are putting on a Show at...
  7. Big CASE

    JEEP BEACH & Steel Soldiers.. Daytona Beach SHOW 2010

    Hello every one , I want you invite you you all to a Show at the Daytona International speedway in Daytona Beach, FL on May 14,15,16 2010, JEEP BEACH 2010 . MID FLORIDA JEEP CLUB OK here is the New's as of NOW ..... on MAY 14,15,16 2010 we ( Mid Florida Jeep Club ) are putting on a Show at...
  8. Big CASE

    jeremy B 's new 5-ton Recovery pics

    Recovery Pictures of Jeremy B 's NEW 5-ton . So what do you all think ?? 0 ya it takes a DEUCE to RECOVERY a 5-TON HAHAHAH my Good old Deuce at work [thumbzup]. and yes that is me with the wired Face , it's my good side
  9. Big CASE

    Prc-77 ,

    hey I got this Prc -77 , and it will not transmit ,every thing else looks to work any one work on them ? Thanks
  10. Big CASE

    FL day of play

    hey yall on AUG 8th I my going to a offroad park , here you go for the info Untitled Page I am going to try to get ther on the 7th and set up a tent for the weekend . there are mudd, Rock , Hill's , Holds. to play on and in . any one want to go ??
  11. Big CASE

    Going to John Winslow's MV parts yard

    Going to John Winslow's If you need parts for your MV this is the place to GO . If you want to go we are leaving from , FL ,on the 12th of July about 5pm and going up I-95 , will be meeting up on the way there . one stop will be in Latta ,SC at 0500 on the 13th at the Flying J truck stop...
  12. Big CASE

    Trucks gone wild!! in a DEUCE

    Hey yall , I just got back for the TRUCKS GONE WILD pulling wars , in Orlando FL and I came in 3 for the night . not to bad for the 2 trucks that beat me wade 30,000 lbs + last pull for the night and I Broke the guys TRUCK'S click I Took out his axles all 4 and drive shafts x2 , I made 5...
  13. Big CASE

    working on 68 deuce

    I have working on my 1968 Kiaser jeep ( DEUCE) so far i have dune the Steering box , cab top, troop seats , I am getting ready for Paint and new tires, super singles . yaya so here are the pictures soo far . I will have the truck ready for the GA rally hope to see you there .
  14. Big CASE

    Jonh winslow sales ,MV parts yard

    Hey just wanted to past on some info . I you need parts or a Truck, give John Winslow Sales a call at 252.388.2509. he is in Halifax,NC ,27839 this MAN has it ALL and I mean it , he has a 500+ arcs of MV and he Paint's trucks works on them and so on . I have drove all the way from FL to NC just...
  15. Big CASE

    doing a new hard top

    Just putting up some Pictures of me doing a Cab top on a 1968 Kiaser Jeep hard topper . if you are going to do this your self , you well need to take out the 12 bolts and 2 pins that hold it in place . there are 12 bolts in the back of the cab you have to remove and there are 2 pins ,1 on the...
  16. Big CASE

    RedNeck Yacht Club 4th of July Bash!, FL

    hey all , CASE here in Fl . if you are not doing any thing on the 4th of July , I have found something to do RedNeck Yacht Club this looked to be the thing to do in FL for the 4th . I am really thing of going , if so I will have the Deuce and the M104-A2 . I like to know if any one less is...
  17. Big CASE

    DEUCE tires size's help

    I have a question about tires ?? I have 1100x20 now on the truck ( not bob) full 6x6 I was thinking of going bigger , what is the biggest I can go in duels before I have to go to singles? and will 1600x20 go on the back axles ?. Thanks CASE
  18. Big CASE

    FLorida meet and greet

    Florida meet and greet , Jun 20 Deland, Volusia County Fairgrounds,this is just a meet and greet . after the meet I know of a nice place to go for food that is not to far away,(BAR-B-Q) Sonny's . also there is a gun show going on that day too, at the same place . the Fairgrounds are just off...
  19. Big CASE

    mv show in NEW SMYRNA,FL

    Hey all, is any one going to the show in New Smyrna Beach FL on the 05.02.09??? It is at the airport off of US1 on the North side of town. were is the link to the site . I am going to try to make it there with my M35A2. I hope too see you there .
  20. Big CASE

    steering qustion

    Hello all , I am the new guy in fl .. I have a m35A2 Kaiser Jeep 1968. The Steering box is not working right ? I can make a right hand turns. and the wheel will go back to center, but it will not make a left at all ?.... can anyone help me out and tell me whats going on or how to fix it . it...
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