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  1. Troll1216

    Someone hit my truck!!

    I got rear ended in my deuce, it was parked at the time. I bent one axle and broke a dog bone, and bent two more. The inter axle was ok. Insurance was ok with it. I fixed the truck at a heavy truck shop as the other guys insurance paid for it. I would request that both rear axles get fully...
  2. Troll1216

    low sulphur content diesel fuel question

    I throw in a QT of marvel mistery oil and a QT of two cycle oil when I fill up. No issues with the multi-fuel. I did have some algae bloom in my tank. It had been sitting for almost a year in the FL sun. Thank god I did a spin on primary conversion. I pumped the tank out, ran it through a 10...
  3. Troll1216

    S-280 Shelter to camper Rebuild

    I found it on steel soldiers of course... I know the project has been sitting for quite some time, but I had quite a few changes in my life. I also needed to do some work on my deuce to get it parade ready. Now that the weather is cool and since I got it mostly cleaned out from being a storage...
  4. Troll1216

    South East Florida

    Ditto on the Loxahatchee... STILL need a "buggy" in some places, OR a big green truck...
  5. Troll1216

    Just wondering if it exists - bumper tire mount

    Look for a member by the name of DARKSTAR he did a jeep style one for his oversize tires, complete with air jack to lift the darn thing, looks killer! PM me and when I get back from vacation I will try to remember to send them to you with his contact info.
  6. Troll1216

    I'm 19 and seriously considering buying a deuce, am I crazy?

    Being relitively new to the hobby, but driving one for work sometimes during hurricanes, I can say they are FUN to drive but absolutely positively demand your FULL attention and RESPECT while driving. Not only for the operator, but to avoid all the stupid things 4 wheelers (cars and smaller...
  7. Troll1216

    Non Winch Offroad Recovery

    Yep, works like a winch drum... I have never done it, but it IS in the manual. I have used the ground anchor system, that DOES work, depending on soil. Bring extra cable and rope!
  8. Troll1216

    Non Winch Offroad Recovery

    Here is the recovery manual
  9. Troll1216

    Non Winch Offroad Recovery

    Since I've had a few inquires as to the recovery and riggers manual - I will post them here:
  10. Troll1216

    Non Winch Offroad Recovery

    It is a great TM to keep in the truck, as is the Riggers Manual. If you can't find it, PM me and I will send you a copy.
  11. Troll1216

    Question regarding Deuce tires

    How do the G177s do off road (Mud and Sand in particular)?
  12. Troll1216

    Truck Starts Crappy after replacing Flame heater

    I am new to the Deuce, but learning much every time I work on it. I have done a fuel line and a full fuel system cleaning including filters and tank. Each time I drained the system to work on it I later had to purge the system. This is covered in the TMs, but... the easy way is as follows...
  13. Troll1216

    Home Made Fording Kit?

    I seriously hope you get LOTS of seal kits for the axles and like doing LOTS of maintaince. I look at the fording kits as an if I really really have to, not for fun, because that ammount of wrench turning and degreasing SUCKS, but to each his own... I will enjoy keeping an eye on this thread...
  14. Troll1216

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Spin on primary filter, with the assistance of Darkstar, lots of gojo, and one pissed off wife. Also replaced the secondary and final filters, left those as canister type. Spin on went on without a hitch - somewhat - except for the diesel shower. While the fuel system was empty, as I...
  15. Troll1216

    Fire Extinguishers in our MVs

    Thanks for the reminder about the water extinguishers. I had a chance to see the FIREICE product and speak o its inventor at a LE/FR show. It works and they sell the small bottles specifically for the 2 1/2 gallon water extinguishers. TROLL1216 <-------- FACEPALM... Whay didn't I think of...
  16. Troll1216

    Disabling your deuce

    I put oil/gas/diesel mix in the tank... That is a one time steal your fuel mistake... I use the chain steering wheel method... I have a BIG dog... If I go anywhere with the truck: I take the dogbone off the battery... I leave the petcocks open on the air tanks... I would purchase a dual tire...
  17. Troll1216

    Fort gordon ga pickup needed

    Pick up and storage until then is great. I might be able to have someone (or me) get it sooner, but I will have at least a 60 day wait for EUC. Just trying to get the ducks in a row.
  18. Troll1216

    Fort gordon ga pickup needed

    I have a shelter dolly, 1994 Turtle MFG Co. M832 Dolly transportable shelter lift set, 3,700 LBS, that I need picked up. My EUC is not ready yet, But I am trying to line up transport to South Florida. PM me if you can grab it for me and hang on to it.
  19. Troll1216

    Question about buying a m35a2 from GL

    What exactly is the process after the winning bid? Do they spell it out for you? I know I need to fill out an EUC and send it to them, I know payment is takne next day, but other than that I know nothing of the process, I just won my first auction today. Any info would be helpful. I will...
  20. Troll1216

    GL Auction 03-01-12

    Just won!!!:-D My first auction... 1994 Turtle MFG Co. M832 Dolly transportable shelter lift set. S/N 94L245-034. Buyer load :mrgreen: I'm so exicted........... I hope it works for my S-280[thumbzup] I will need pickup assistance in Ft. Gordon, anyone?
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