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  1. Hooty481

    M915a1 new paint

    The m915a1 is gonna get a fresh coat of paint. I already have the paint scheme that I plan on going by. I just wonder what people think about loosing the grill guard on the front and the screen on the back glass. here is what it is suppose to look like when done. the orange truck and white...
  2. Hooty481

    Picked up a knuckle boom!!

    Well I picked up my first knuckle boom from a guy in Tennessee. It is a Morgan model 40 which is originally a Fassi F40.22. Morgan modified it to bolt to a ship and installed a winch. Unit requires 6gpm and 3000psi to run and it appears to have seen hardly any use what so ever. I am still...
  3. Hooty481

    M915 slow building oil pressure

    M915 is slow building out pressure sometimes. When it builds up it holds 40lbs like nobodies business. It's a 400 big cam 3. Looking for Will Wagner to chime in on this.
  4. Hooty481

    Where is the m871 data plate

    I just got a m871 and it has had a paint job. I can't find the data plate so I can license and get a title. Where do I look?
  5. Hooty481

    Anyone know of a single axle air force 5th wheel trailer?

    There a guy that is telling me that he has a single axel air force trailer that's flatbed and hooks to a 5th wheel that he's wanting to sell. I have looked on the site and on the Internet but haven't found anything. Does anybody know of what he may be talking about?
  6. Hooty481

    Wounded Warrior Project Car Show May 18 2013

    Hello everyone. The Russell Springs Masonic Lodge #941 will be hosting a car show which will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. All proceeds will go to the wounded warrior project. We are working on getting Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer there to the show. He lives the next county over...
  7. Hooty481

    Anybody running a m915 m127 combination?

    Just wondering if anyone is using this combination? Looking at getting a trailer to pull behind my 915 and this maybe easy for me to come up with.
  8. Hooty481

    M915a1 marker light wire colors coming from headlight switch???

    Try to figure out which wires on the factory head light switch run the marker lights and also which wire supplies the power. I have unhooked different wire at different times and still have marker lights. Any help would be great.
  9. Hooty481

    M915a1 voltage question

    Voltage meter reads 14 volts when truck is idling and driving at 55 mph. When I start turning electronics on it keeps dropping voltage. With the head lights and parking lights on it reads about 13 volts. Then when I turn the heater on it drops to what's looks like is 12 volts. This is what the...
  10. Hooty481

    M915-m920 cold weather grill cover

    Well does anybody know If one of these exist for the m915-m920? My truck has the small turn fasteners on the radiator shell. I know I can get one made at an upholstery shop but would like one original if I could get one. I can not even find a picture of one. If anyone knows if these exist please...
  11. Hooty481

    Anybody Running 915,916,917,920 without the secondary air filter

    Just wondering if running my 915 with out the secondary air filter would be bad on it. I know in really harsh conditions it needs both but in normal conditions could I get by with the the outer element? What do you think?
  12. Hooty481

    M915a1 oil pressure sending unit

    Having trouble find the oil pressure sending unit on my m915a1.I know my engine is the big cam III. I want to install a manual oil pressure gauge and ditch the junk electrical unit. I have looked and looked. It seems that there are 3 difference coolant sending units that I have found. Any help...
  13. Hooty481

    Hi Idle for M915-m920

    Has any one put a Hi idle setting on their m915-M920. I am wanting to do this to my M915a1 just so it will be smother when its parked and running.
  14. Hooty481

    M915a1 Jake brake electrical problem

    Picked up my new to me truck from Andy in Missouri on Friday. When we got there I test drove the truck. Only thing that didn't work was the Jake brake. We did some testing and here is what we found. Switch on the injector pump is closing circuit when the pedal is released. Switch in the floor...
  15. Hooty481

    Picking up M915a1 from Missouri

    We are heading out tonite to make our trip to Missouri so we can pickup the M915 from Andy's place. Im sure there will be no trouble along the way but everybody keep us in mind. If anything small needs to be pick-up or dropped off i can possibly do that. Trip will be from Russell Springs Ky, to...
  16. Hooty481

    Inspection needed at Columbus

    Needing an inspection on the M915a1's at columbus. if a any one is goin let me know. thanks
  17. Hooty481

    Russell Springs Ky to Warren Ohio

    Making a trip up to Warren Ohio to make a swap of my XM818 with Turbo to a M915A1. Going to head out early Friday morning. Will take some pictures and post when I get back as for my self if anyone has any good back/A$$ pills please send them over nite as I will need them. 460 Miles up there in...
  18. Hooty481

    combat wheels on m915 ?

    Will 5-ton combat wheels work on the m915? I know that FMTV wheels will work and Hemtt wheels will work but my question is will Combat wheels work with out modification. There will be 395/85 good years on the wheels. Also maybe someone can tell me the main difference in the Combat wheel and...
  19. Hooty481

    difference between m936-m936A1

    Hey whats the main difference between the m936 and m936A1
  20. Hooty481

    weight limit for 5-ton axle

    I am thinnking of build a single axel 5-ton tractor and was wondering what the actualy weight limit was for one of these axles. Up here in Kentucky we haul alot of cattle and I was wanting to shorten a truck to make it easier to get in and out of feed lots. Would the 5-ton axle be strong enough?
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