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  1. Lonesome715

    Is this the correct transmission?

    I just picked up this M38 last week. It has a flat head and no tranny. A friend of mine happens to have one. But, I am not sure if it will work. Sorry for the bad photographs. It is tucked away and difficult to get to.
  2. Lonesome715

    Where can I get the OE nutserts?

    I am trying to reinstall the floor plate that covers the transmission. but I am missing several of the nutserts (or whatever they are called). Where can I get them? Everyone I have called so far are out of them.
  3. Lonesome715

    What is a “motor Pool” CJ5?

    I just picked up what I thought was a CJ5 painted OD green. But the owner states it was indeed a military owned CJ and was used in place of “tactical Vehicles” for on base duties. I am not saying he is wrong, but I have not heard of a military CJ. To me, it looks like a Civilian Jeep someone...
  4. Lonesome715

    Need some input on pump options for my Used Engine Oil.

    I have been looking at pneumatic diaphragm pumps for moving my dirty oil. I have found some on eBay that are pretty affordable. I am wondering is a $250 pump is going to work. That being said, I was looking at an electric sewage pump the other day at Harbor Freight. Plugging the pump into an...
  5. Lonesome715

    Injection pump questions (general)

    I have three trucks that appear to have IP issues. Getting someone to look at them who know what they are doing is impossible. I HAVE to have these trucks running. I know IPs run on pixy dust and unicorn poop. So I need to take the mystery out of them. I have looked on line but could not find...
  6. Lonesome715

    Run away M35 engine, need help

    I just bought a 1967 M35A2. it presented the same symptoms my 87 M35 had some time back. The plunger on the IP was stuck. On my 87 I pulled the cam out, dissembled it, cleaned it, reinstalled it, and now it is fine. So I did the same to the 67 I just bought today only with a different outcome...
  7. Lonesome715

    D-Max turbo on a multi-fuel?

    I just happen to have a lower hour turbo from a late model Duramax. Before I try to sell it I was kicking around the possibility of installing on my M35. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Lonesome715

    My M101 trailer “repair”

    When I got this trailer it was thoroughly trashed. It was so bad I thought about just scrapping the whole thing. To start off with it only had one hub. I tracked down a hub and put some good tires on it and replaced all the bearings and seals. But, it still was not road worthy. The brakes were...
  9. Lonesome715

    How do I delete photographs?

    When we attach images I see we can select from all the previous attachements. I have a lot of old ones in there I would like to delete. But I cannot find that option. Am I looking too hard and missing it? Or, is there a proccess I am not aware of?
  10. Lonesome715

    My son’s first M35 build

    My son and I built his first M35 recently. Now that he is getting into models he had to have one like “daddy’s truck”. It was funny; as we were putting it together he would go outside to see how something was assembled on my truck. We did not get a chance to put the decals on before he went to...
  11. Lonesome715

    Deuce not starting, now what?

    My deuce is turning over but not starting. It is getting fuel and will run on starting fluid but will not stay running. This truck has sat for an unknown number of years so I do not know if that plays a role. I have replaced all the fuel filters and cleaned the lines. What else should I try?
  12. Lonesome715

    Problems accessing the TMs

    I have never been able to access the TMs. Every time I tried my computer would lock up. I would have to hold the power button down In order to shut it down. I just had my computer worked on and had some upgrades and thought they would work now. However, now I just get a white box pop up and asks...
  13. Lonesome715

    Is something wrong with this site?

    Over the past several days I have tried to log onto Steel Soldiers but am unable to. I just get a blank white page that states the site’s server is down. It does not happen every time, but do I have to retry through out the day. Today it only happened twice, before that I could not log on until...
  14. Lonesome715

    What is this line for?

    I am going though and repairing all the lines on my truck. There were a lot that were missing and hacked. I think I have all my air lines figured out but this one line has me stumped. At first I thought it was a breather line for my fuel tank because of the way it is bent, but it has a fitting...
  15. Lonesome715

    Installing a new belt on the air pump

    This should be such a simple task. I cannot believe I have to ask for help on something so trivial. However, this pump drive belt is kicking my butt. I rebuilt the air compressor on my deuce and bought a brand new belt for it. The new belt even has the same part number and length as the old belt...
  16. Lonesome715

    Who is going to get the K car?

    I cannot believe any of these are still in service. I this is the family of car that saved the Chrysler Corporation. The government bought a butt-ton of these and in doing so saved Chrysler. These cars were a great success, but… they were certainly not built to last. I just think it is pretty...
  17. Lonesome715

    Question about 105 hitch height

    I bought a 105 from a friend of mine a while back. My deuce is down so we tried to pick it up with our F250. When I backed up to it the hitch height was way too high to hook up. Now, I know the tongue dips quite a bit but this one would have dipped too far. I see photographs on this site of many...
  18. Lonesome715

    Lifting a six wheel drive deuce?

    I see a lot of lifted bobbed deuces, but I am wondering if any one has lifted a complete six wheel drive deuce. If sooooooo, would you mind posting photographs and explaining how you did it?
  19. Lonesome715

    Need fuel tank photographs please.

    I did a stupid thing this past weekend. I forgot to look at how the tanks were installed on the deuces at the Hooch. So now I have to ask for photographs so I can make sure I get it installed correctly. I have had this tank off for a while and a couple of the lines were cut and crimped before I...
  20. Lonesome715

    Is this supposed to be blocked off?

    My air cleaner housing has been sitting in the back of the deuce for a while in pieces. As I was cleaning it so I could re-install it I noticed this fitting was clogged. I figured the dirt dobbers did it because they have been wreaking havoc on this truck. When I tried to clear it out I found...
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