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  1. travistodd1

    Recently Acquired JHGW5A - Help

    Hello, I recently was given an old military generator. It has been stored inside and other than being painted yellow, it looks to be in good shape. It was being used and kept up then one day they put it away and that was where it was left for close to 20 years. It is a 1958 with the Hercules...
  2. travistodd1

    M817 Low Range Question

    I have searched to no avail and was hoping someone could give me some info. I have read I can not use my 818 in reverse low range without damaging the transfer case. It is the sprague type. I have in my searches also read the opposite and beem told it is fine. Can someone clarify if I can or...
  3. travistodd1

    11.00x20 tire chains

    I have yet to find a deal on a larger set of singles for my truck that I can afford at the time or are close enough for me to pickup. Been thinking of getting some chains for my NDTs. Not a lot out there showing a listing for that size. What have you guys been running? Found these near by...
  4. travistodd1

    M817 Emergency Fuel Shut Off Valve Rebuildable?

    I took the kids to school in my M817 and discovered the emergency fuel shut off valve has started leaking around the pivot shaft. It is the old, original style and looks like it may come apart. Does anyone know if it is rebuildable. I was hoping to avoid spending well over $200 for a brass...
  5. travistodd1

    Engine Temperature Gauge Problem

    I am working my way through the little things which need attention on my M817. I have never been able to get a reading on the temperature gauge. I have only driven it around the block twice since getting it running. I have also let it sit and idle for 10 to 15 minutes at a time in near 100...
  6. travistodd1

    Just little things now I think....

    A big thank you to everyone who helped me get my 817 on the road. I sent the original fuel pump off and had it rebuilt. It starts, runs and idles as it should. I even drove it around the block today! I have several little things to start tackling now, most of which I have identified and...
  7. travistodd1

    Cummins NHC 250 High Idle Problem

    Hello, I would like to start out by saying thank you to everyone who keeps helping me with my vehicle problems. This forum has been a great resource for getting my M817 closer to running. I have been working on my M817 for a little while and figure out what was keeping it from running. I can...
  8. travistodd1

    I need Engine Help Cummins 250 M817

    I need some help from someone who knows the Cummins NH250. I suspect best case scenario is a blown head gasket, but that would be lucky at this point. History; I acquired this truck from a person who bought a property and the truck came with it. The previous property owner advised he had...
  9. travistodd1

    Questions About Flat Towing an M817

    Hello, I recently acquired an M817 that has been sitting for a couple years. I decided to being it home to work on instead of driving back one forth everytime I needed something else. I purchased an Oshkosh 80k tow bar kit and will be using a friends heavy truck with air brakes to bring it...
  10. travistodd1

    New owner in Arizona.

    Hello and thank you for accepting me into the group. I am new to military vehicle ownership and will likely need a great deal of assistance in the near future from those in this group. I have wanted to purchase an M35A2 or some type of variant for some time now, I just never had the money at...
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